Ridiculous Razz


Where do the real and toy border collie begin and end? Perhaps if my sister wasn’t so darn lazy, we’d be able to figure it out.

Birthday Toys!


As you all know Saturday was my birthday. Any and David brought home two new toys for me. One is the newest to my Kong Dodo collection, or as I like to call them, Purple Penguins. I guess I can’t call them that anymore because my new one is red as you can see. And the other one is also a Kong toy, it’s some kind of tennis ball type squeaky thing. Of course when they first unwrapped them Razz had to ruin everything by taking them first but I got them back.


Hi everyone, it’s me Mango! I know, I know, I’ve been doing a really horrible job updating my blog lately, I apologize. Well, I’m back, for now anyway, I’ll try to do a better job. Well, I thought I’d post today because guess what? It’s my birthday! I’m 12 years old today! I took a look back at the blog and I realized that I hadn’t posted about my birthday in three years, so I thought I’d catch everyone up on the last three years worth of birthdays. So here we go.

In 2014 I hit double digits and Amy went all out, she baked me birthday donuts. Which I guess is fitting because I heard that yesterday was actually National Donut Day. I’m not sure if my birthday that year fell on National Donut Day but we’ll go ahead and say that it did.

As you can see, Amy home baked doggie donuts, I believe they were pumpkin flavored with a dog friendly icing.


As per the usual, they always make me pose for these pics, “Can’t I eat them yet?”


Finally, time to chow down!


Then last year in 2015, I turned 11, which I guess isn’t as big a deal because as you’ll see, the quantity of my birthday cakes decreased and then it shrank significantly in size. Amy went back to a oldie but a goodie, the Natural Balance cupcakes that she always used to make me.


Again, they forced me to wait and pose for these pics every, single, year. I suppose the benefit (if one can call it that) of having a teeny tiny cake is that it made it a lot easier to resist than an entire platter of donuts.


Hmmm….these little flags with my name on them look suspiciously like they were reused from last year’s cake. I think someone got a little lazy with my birthday in 2015.


Hey, I had to make sure it tasted okay, if it did, then maybe I would forgive Amy for having such a small cake in 2015.


And we finally get to TODAY, 2016 when I turned 12! Maybe it’s the even numbers, Amy likes to go all out with those because she decided to actually bake real cake with two whole layers! Oh and she also made a new birthday banner this year.



She tried out a new recipe this year with actual meat in it, well, meat flavored baby food but I’ve never had a baked good with meat it. The “frosting” was actually cream cheese, yum! I think you all know how I feel about posing for these endless photos so I just had to take a lick and make sure that it the cream cheese tasted okay.


I did finally cooperate though and here’s the obligatory posed photo with my cake :)


I was really excited to finally be able to eat it though, although Amy made us eat it outside cause she didn’t want us to make a mess, I couldn’t wait!


And I say us because, yes, Razz had to get a piece too, even though it’s my birthday!



Kicking it old school


Colleen, one of the other trainers from All About Dogs sent this picture to Amy the other day. It’s from 2010. I’m practicing my “say I’m sorry” trick in class.

I’m back!

It’s been over a year and a half but David finally fixed the site and I’m back online! I’ll be posting an update soon!