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Last year in the single digits

Guess turned 9 years old yesterday?! (click pic below)

2013-06-02 18.24.09

That’s right, me!

As per tradition, Amy made me a Natural Balance cupcake. This year’s cupcake featured Turkey Natural Balance with peanut butter and shredded cheddar cheese filling, frosted with cream cheese and covered with more shredded cheddar cheese. She then used our dog food to make the number “9”.

2013-06-04 20.17.42

Here’s an inside view of the deliciousness.

2013-06-04 20.50.05

In addition to my NB cupcake, she baked nine apple and cheddar pupcakes!


Also as usual, she made me pose with all of my birthday treats, this is the worst part of my birthday, having to wait to eat my yummy cakes.

2013-06-04 20.30.26

But as some point, as she was taking pictures, I decided, “Heck, I’m 9 years old today, I don’t have to wait!” So I went for it and ate a pupcake…and then I ate a 2nd…and then I had a 3rd…and then Amy took the platter away.


Razz got a pupcake too but she also had to endure the torture of getting her picture taken before enjoying our treat.

2013-06-04 20.34.08

Overall, it was a very good birthday, I was happy at the end of the day!




FBI Derby Days-New Location

Amy and I are in Winchester tonight setting up for our flyball team’s tournament. This year we’ve moved to a new location, the Winchester Sportsplex.



New Stuff for the Deck

This weekend has been absolutely beautiful outside and thanks to some new stuff that David bought for our deck,  we’ve been able to enjoy it so much more.

This is our new doggie door. It snaps into our screen door.


It took a little training but Razz and I figured out how to use it. Now Amy and David can leave the door open in the family room while the two of us can go in and out as we please. Like this!


David also bought patio furniture, two chairs and a coffee table.


We were also anticipating another delivery yesterday. Can you guess what it was from this picture of us?


Yup, a new grill. We waited all day for it but it turned out that the factory never shipped it out. Now it’s supposed to arrive tomorrow. David was really upset, well until we went for a walk and after many failed attempts in previous walks, he managed to throw a bag of poop into a park trash can from a pretty good distance. He was happy then.

Bare Naked Flyball


Amy and I are in Pennsylvania this weekend at a flyball tournament. This is a new venue for us and it’s huge! It’s the size of two indoor soccer fields.


Here I am resting in my crate in between races. We don’t have a huge team here this weekend so I don’t think I’ll be able to get any video of my team. Everything has been going really well so far though. We raced four races yesterday, four heats each and have five races today we already raced our first one. Wish us continued luck!

New Trail


A new trail at Occoquan Regional Park!