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My Pictures!

I have done
a lot of growing and learning since that first car ride home. Here’s a link to
my Photo Album on Yahoo! The pictures are in chronological order starting from
the first time Amy and David visited me in Culpeper.

Going Home!

This is me when I was 7 weeks old going home with Amy and David. I was
the last puppy left of the litter but I won them over with a little wiggling and
laps around the puppy pen. I was nice and cute. Now I’m not (nice or cute).

Let me introduce myself

Hello! My name is Mango and this is my daily blog. I am a 4 month old
border collie puppy. I live in the suburbs of Northern Virginia with my owners,
Amy and David. I love meeting new people and new dogs and as my web site name
suggests, causing mayhem.