Monthly Archives: October 2004

Football Sunday!

My Bills jersey came in the mail today so I was able to watch football with David as a true Bills fan. I was all pumped up and the Bills actually won!

I was so excited afterward I decided to romp around in the autumn leaves. Look how happy I am. David was happy too. When they don’t win we both just sulk around the house with frowns on our faces. He likes to throw remote controls around and break them and I like to chew on the furniture.

Site Seeing

Today David played flag football on the Mall with our one of neighbors and Amy and I decided to tag along. I don’t know too much about flag football so I got bored and wanted to walk around and see the sites. The flag football fields are right on the Elipse so we’re close to everything. The new underground Washington Monument visitors’ center is under construction right now so this is as close as we could get.

Then we walked over to the White House. I really wanted to get a picture of me in front of the White House. Amy thought it was lame but I insisted.

Doggie Halloween

Tonight I went to the Doggie Happy Hour Halloween party at the Holiday Inn in Old Town Alexandria. The place was packed and I met more new dogs than I had ever seen in one place in all my 5 months. There were dogs of all sizes, it was a little overwhelming. This is me getting judged on my Halloween costume, a border pumpkin, or something like that. The hat stayed on my head for approximately 5 seconds after this picture was taken.

At Koko’s House

Today I went with Amy to visit her family. I got to play with her nieces, Kaitlyn and Ashlie, and their dog, Koko. Haha, this is Koko wearing my Halloween costume. He’s none too happy and I’m taunting him.

Here are the girls watching me eat, I love eating Koko’s food cause it’s not mine!

Tooth Fairy?

I lost one of my baby teeth last night. It fell out onto the kitchen floor and I tried eating it, but David stopped me (I bet it would’ve tasted good too).

They tried to entice me with this treat, but it’s just not the same. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a tooth before. I wonder what it tastes like.