Monthly Archives: February 2005

Those Darn Basketballs

In our basement David has a mini recreation room with a foosball table, a pop-a-shot basketball game and a quarterback attack football game. One of my favorite things to play with are the mini basketballs from the pop-a-shot. Amy and David took them away from me though cause I was deflating them, so they put them up high away from my puppy paws…at least that’s what they thought. See, all of these rec room toys are in the same room as the washing machine and dryer. Everytime Amy or David would do their laundry, I’d go in there and try and figure out how to get those basketballs. It required quite a bit of effort. At times, I had to balance precariously on top of a keyboard which was on top of a computer and I had chew through some mesh netting. Then there was the matter of getting past all of the other stuff in front of the basketballs but worry not because I finally figured out how to do it! Witness the genius that is me, Mango!

Tree Loot Monkey Reappears…then Disappears

Many of you might recall the unfortunate demise of my Tree Loot Monkey in January. Basically what happened is I chewed off his ear, then I tore his leg off his body. I’m sure that any dog in my situation would’ve probably done the same thing…probably. Anyway, so David made, what some might deem, a huge mistake, and gave me a second Tree Loot Monkey. This monkey has been safely stowed away somewhere in the house, but tonight he took it out so that we could play a fetch game. Well, he and Amy must have had a very long week cause they were pooped and ended up falling asleep on the couch around 8. I saw this as my perfect opportunity so I grabbed this second monkey. When Amy and David woke up from their nap boy did I have a surprise for them!

Yes, I once again went for the ear and tried chewing it off. But I took it even further this time and….

Notice something missing? Yup, it’s his entire arm! I figured since I had already taken a leg off of the first one, I should go a different route this time around and see what I could do with an arm. So this is what is left of the second monkey, just some fluff and the remains of a former boxing glove.

He too has now been put to rest. I don’t think we have any more monkeys in the house though, so my destruction of Tree Loot Monkeys might be over.

Winter Wonderland!

It snowed yesterday, it snowed yesterday, it snowed yesterday!!! I love snow, I love it, I love it, I LOVE it! What’s not great about it? You can run around in it and when you get thirsty, you just eat it! Everytime I go outside I try to eat at least a clump of snow every 1-2 minutes. It tends to get on my chin so I look like I have a little white beard, but I don’t mind. And sometimes the snow gets in between my paws which can make walking a little uncomfortable but it’s worth it cause when I go inside, I can eat them, it’s like having little teeny tiny snow cones. And last night when David took me out for my nighly potty break, Rusty, Lucy and Jenna were outside! Jenna could barely clear the snow, but it was great running around with Rusty. I think that if we had not been born herders, we would’ve been snow dogs, like huskies or malamutes or something like that. Although…have you ever seen the movie Snow Dogs? There’s a border collie in that movie that ends up being on a dog sled team. No one thought she could do it and they laughed at her, but she did it! Oh and oh (as you can tell, I’m a little excited and hyper due to the snow right outside that I’m dying to go play in again) I forgot to tell everyone that Merlin won the herding group at the Westminster dog show last week! It was quite exciting, hooray for border collies!

I see them!

This morning David was making pancakes for breakfast. It got a bit stuffy in the kitchen so Amy opened up the windows on the side of the bay window. They haven’t been opened since summer and I never used to be able to get them cause my exercise pen was in the way. Now though I walk right up to them and look outside. The great thing is that the left window has a perfect view of the park so I can monitor any kind of dog activity. Here’s me keeping a look out.

I didn’t have to sit there long cause sure enough there were Rusty and Kibbles, they were meeting a new neighborhood dog. I started whining and pawing at the window so Amy took me out. Kibbles went home but I got to play with Rusty and then Lucy and Jenna came. Rusty and I chased Lucy all around the park, she’s so fast, neither one of us could catch her. Two more dogs came around, a German Shepherd named Riley, I’ve seen him before walking in the park. Boy, he’s a big dog! And then we saw two Boxer sisters, Moose and Cody walking by. Cody had to go home but Moose came up to play and I’m sorry to say that I did not behave :o( I guess maybe she gave me flashbacks of the dog park when 3-4 Boxers ganged up on me and really scared me. We had to be separated. Hopefully the next time I see her, I will behave.

The Box

For Valentine’s Day, David got Amy a chandelier for our dining room. Due to the fact that this chandelier hangs from our ceiling and is not within my reach, I really don’t pay too much attention to it. Now, the box that the chandelier came in, that’s a different story. See, I was playing with David as I often do and sometimes I get really excited and a little too rowdy. So today when I got out of control, he put me on top of the box to punish me, like a time-out. Well, his plan backfired because I loved standing on top of that box. It’s like I could see the whole world…well, at least the living room anyway. So once I figured out that I could jump off of the box, I realized I could jump on top of it too. So I did, over and over again and each time I discovered a new thing I could reach and chew that couldn’t before, like this picture of leaves on the wall, or the actual leaves of Amy’s plant, and the top corner of the buffet. Needless to say, Amy was not amused, David however was rolling on the floor with laughter.