Monthly Archives: March 2005


So for the past few days, Amy’s good friend, Tracy, has been staying with us and it’s been great! Here we are, look at how good I’m being!

While Amy and David are at work, Tracy’s been at home to take me on long walks and to play with me.

She has quickly discovered that it takes a lot of wear me out, I almost never get tired. I love having Tracy around but today is her last day :o( Amy got her a present for her going away. I’ve been really good not chewing on any of her stuff while she’s been staying with us, so I couldn’t help myself when she was opening her present…I felt that I had to pitch in.

I must say that I felt much better after that small act of destruction. There’s nothing better than tearing paper apart into teeny tiny pieces. You should try it yourself sometimes…very therapeutic.

Happy Birthday!

David’s birthday is today! Over the weekend Amy and David and a bunch of their friends and family went bowling. I didn’t get to go though :o( Apparently dogs aren’t allowed at bowling alleys. I don’t see why not. So what if I would try and chase every single bowling ball down the alley. I’d also probably chew on a few pins once I got down to them. Oh and then there’s the snack bar, I’d have to sample some french fries and pizza. Anyway, for his birthday I got me, I mean, him, new socks. See, I’ve torn holes in almost all of his socks. I’ll try my darnest not to chew on these new socks but unfortunately I’m just a wee puppy and sometimes I forget my promises. Like that day I promised never to chew on the comforter again? Yeah, I broke that promise almost as soon as I made it. I chewed two new holes in it in the past 3 days. So, Happy Birthday David!

Oh, we have a house guest for the next few days, she’s Amy’s college roommate and she’s going to play with me and walk me during the day! Hooray!

Mango out.

No More Tags!

As you all know by now, I love playing catch with my frisbees! Sometimes Amy and David don’t do such a good job throwing them and we loose them. Well, tonight (because over the weekend David threw one frisbee down the sewer and Amy threw another one in a neighbor’s backyard, I was down to two frisbees) David went out and bought me four new ones! Now, something that you all might not know is that I hate tags. Tags on blankets, on sheets, on my soft plush toys and especially on flippy flopper frisbees! I don’t need directions on how to wash my stuffed sheep or what materials a down comforter made of and I certainly have no need for upc bar codes, like I need to buy myself anything. I’m a dog! So last night, when David brought home my new frisbees I wasted no time in tearing those darn tags off.

Ah….now I can actually play with them.

New Computer

David has a new computer. I hate it. I wasn’t too fond of his old computer either. Every time he sits in front of it, I start whining because I know he won’t leave it, sometimes for hours. I don’t understand this thing with computers. I mean, obviously they are useful. If we didn’t have computers, how would I be able to blog? But he stares at a computer like I stare at that pesky white cat that wanders around the neighborhood. At least that cat smells and it moves and if you chase it up a tree, it’ll makes noises. But that computer doesn’t move or smell or anything. It can make noises but let’s face it, what’s the fun of something when you can’t even chase it?

In other news…I started chewing on the back of one of the dining room chairs. Amy just discovered it this morning, she wasn’t too happy about it. I’ve been good and left her new dresser alone though.

So I hear this Sunday is supposed to be some special day where a big huge bunny rabbit comes and leaves candy for you. I can’t wait till that thing comes waltzing through my door. I’m gonna grab him by the tail and chase him around the living room. I also understand that sometimes he comes accompanied by baby chicks. I’d like to swat my paws at those guys…hey, maybe if there are enough of them, I can try herding them! I’m not quite sure yet what herding is, but I’ll figure it out.

Another Busy Weekend

This weekend has been another busy one. It all started with frisbee and playtime with Kibbles and Rusty. When my frisbees are out we like to play tug of war with each other. Rusty likes to play keep away with the frisbees. Kibbles doesn’t like the frisbees too much, she loves chasing tennis balls though. I like the tennis balls but I love my frisbees. My frisbees are kept in a drawer in the buffet in the dining room and in the mornings I’ll go and scratch on the door so David or Amy will get them. Anyway, later in the day, Amy and I went for a walk/hike at Huntley Meadows Park. We walked through the woods and I got to smell all sorts of new things.

Today, we went up to David’s parents’ house and we played a bunch outside in their backyard. I even got to sit outside on the deck and soak in the sun. I discovered that David’s mom has birds! They live in a cage in her office. I guess they’ve always been there but I never noticed before. I tried to knock over their cage and set them free. Okay, so I only wanted to set them free so that I could catch them, but they got put away in another room :o( But that’s okay because when David let me out in the morning to go to the bathroom this morning, I chased a white cat 20 feet straight up into the neighbor’s tree :o)