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Some of you might recall way back in December when I had to go to the vet for a certain surgery where they removed some sensitive parts of my anatomy and I went from being a male dog to being a neutered dog. For the most part, I can’t say I really notice much of a difference but there are times when I flash back to those days during my puppy-dom when I had more back there than currently exists. Well, last night was one of those days and I decided to take revenge…on David. See, since we’ve started obedience classes, in the mornings and in the evenings, outside and in the house, we’ll practice exercises that we’ve learned in class. Last night in the living room David was practicing recalls with me. Basically I sit and he tells me to stay, walks away then says “come” and I come running. The way it’s supposed to work is that once I get to him I should sit and wait for my next command. Last night however, I sat, I stayed, I went to him when called but instead of sitting…POW I jumped and knocked him right in the you know where. Take that sucker!

I felt a little bad afterward so I went and tried to give him a hug.

Actually, I think I was trying to hump his arm. What?! Even neutered dogs do it once in a while, sheesh!

Attack on Amy’s Stuffed Animals

Most nights I have to sleep in my crate but on those nights when I’m pretty tired, Amy and David let me just roam about the house. Usually I’ll end up sleeping on the floor in their bedroom or on the futon in the back bedroom or on the white couch in the living room. Sometimes on those nights I wake up in the middle of the night and need something to do. Last night I found myself in such a predicament and in lieu of the fact that I had not destroyed anything in quite a while, I thought it was about time to end my good streak. This is Amy’s Chick-Fil-A Cow. Does he look odd to you at all?

That’s right! He’s missing those boards that they wear telling people to eat more chicken. Last night I ripped those suckers right off.

Amy discovered him in the morning and once again, was less than amused and put him back on her desk. Well by that point I had completely forgotten about him so it was a good thing that Amy reminded me, because as she was in the bathroom, I nabbed him and guess what?

Yup, ripped those tags right off. I had to finish the job. I don’t call myself the tag-i-nator for nothing.

And there’s even more! As Amy was trying to take pictures of this handiwork with the cow, I took her little stuffed lion off the bed’s headboard.

She saw me and put him on the ironing board.

Yeah like that was going to stop me! So I grabbed him again and when took him away for a second time, I decided to move onto another victim and grabbed her little stuffed panda bear.

She finally got fed up and put them both on her dresser but I climbed onto the dresser from the bed and grabbed the lion.

Amy’s stuffed animals have been warned, I will be back!

Michelle’s Imaginary Puppy

Hello Michelle’s Imaginary Puppy! Thanks so much for commenting! It’s not very often that I get comments, so it’s nice to know that someone out there is reading, although I’ve been told that there are quite a few people who read my blog, sometimes I wonder. I apologize for not being more prompt with my entries but my days are pretty routine. I take walks with Amy and play frisbee with David. I chew on the occasional edge of furniture and run off with David’s sock whenever I get a chance. I guess the biggest thing happening right now is that Amy and I have been going to dog obedience classes on Saturday mornings. I’m learning to be good around strange dogs again. I used to love meeting and playing with all dogs when I was a little puppy but somewhere along the way I started getting scared of them. We’re working on it though and this week I’ve been pretty good about staying calm when passing dogs during my walks (last week I would bark at them hysterically even if they were way across the street).

Anyway, back to Michelle’s imaginary puppy. I will do my best to try to get David to e-mail. I remember when Michelle was here and visited me, she was really nice so I definitely think she deserves one. If he doesn’t, I’ll rip another hole in his shirt.

First Step into Doggiehood

This weekend I took a big step into doggiehood. I am now 10 1/2 months old so very soon I will be turning 1 and will officially leave my puppy years behind me. I did something this weekend that I think is one of the first signs of becoming a dog, a real dog…I drank out of the toilet! Not once, but twice! See, when I was a puppy I would not have been able to reach the bowl, much less stick my entire head in deep enough to drink water but now, now I can! And it’s great! See, my water bowl is attached to the door of my crate in the kitchen so if I’m in the basement or on the 2nd floor and I get thirsty, I have to go all the way to the 1st floor to get a drink. On Friday night, David’s parents and little brother were over and we were all in the basement. Well, I got a little parched so I started walking to the stairs but on my way, I stopped at the bathroom cause I remembered that the toilet bowl is full of water so I stuck my head in there and started slurping. Unfortunately, Amy heard me and asked David where that sound of a dog drinking water was coming from and he came in and rushed me out. As long as David keeps leaving the toilet seat covers up (Amy always puts them down) I will always have a fresh supply of water.

Deflated Beach Ball

Amy took me with her to see Koko last night. I think I behaved pretty well…except for the beach ball. See, Amy’s nieces won a beach ball at some place called Chuck E. Cheese’s last week. When Koko stopped playing with me, I started playing with the beach ball. And well, seeing as how I have a tendency to pop tennis balls, this beach ball had no chance. I guess I must have popped it. Amy’s sister, Vicki, told Amy this morning via e-mail:

From: Vicki
Sent: Friday, April 01, 2005 10:00 AM
To: Amy

Your nieces are not too happy with Mango this morning. Their Chuck E cheese ball deflated. I think one of his teeth chewed through the rubber.


From: Amy
Sent: Friday, April 01, 2005 10:01 AM
To: Vicki
Subject: RE:

I’ll get them a new beachball, they should be at the stores now that summer is around the corner.


From: Vicki
Sent: Friday, April 01, 2005 10:04 AM
To: Amy
Subject: RE:

Kaitlyn was actually in tears and telling me that she didn’t want Mango coming over anymore. I tried to blow it up a bit and threw it Ashlie, she just hit it back to me and started crying for a bit too. It was just funny how they both reacted to beachball, my goodness.

:o( I didn’t mean to pop a hole in it. I feel pretty bad, I love Ashlie and Kaitlyn! Ashlie plays fetch with me and Kaitlyn sneaks me treats when she comes over to our house. I’ll make sure that Amy gets them a new one this weekend, I promise!