Monthly Archives: May 2005

Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend was yet another big one. Firstly, we got new floors installed on the first floor of our house. I’m proud to say that I surpervised the entire process. Here I am doing a little inspection of the dining room and the kitchen, yup looks like they got those quarters rounds in good.

But more importantly, I got to play all weekend! We went on some nice walks in the woods and Rusty, Kibbles and I had play sessions every single day! We have this play routine where as Rusty and I are wrestling, Kibbles will come and bark at us and then nip my leg or my ear or sometimes my neck. She’s very vocal, we all have a good time though. We even had a barbeque on Sunday afternoon. Two other dogs came by but I wasn’t very nice to them :o( I was really good at obedience class on Saturday though. And yesterday I discovered a new thing that I love…bubbles!!! Kaitlyn and Ashlie, Amy’s nieces, were over and Kaitlyn started blowing bubbles in the backyard and I would go and try to eat them all. They left kind of a funny taste in my mouth, but it was great fun.

I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next weekend, it’s my last obedience class (although we’re taking it again for the summer), AND it’s my birthday on Saturday! I also heard that I might be getting my monthly bath, hopefully those rumors will die out, we don’t want it getting to Amy and David.

Lake Anna

Before I begin this blog entry about my trip to Lake Anna let me apologize once again for the lack of blog entries this month. With frisbee, long walks, obedience training and oh yeah, chewing on stuff I’m not supposed to be chewing on, I can barely find enough time to sit down at the computer. I will try harder next month to be more frequent with my blog entries.

Until then, let me tell you about this past weekend. David rented a little cottage on Lake Anna down in Louisa County. Overall the weekend was great although our ride down wasn’t. There was a lot, and I mean A LOT, of traffic and I got car sick and threw up in Amy’s car :o(

Saturday was great though! I had Amy and David up first thing in the morning at 5:30AM. We were out there playing fetch and frisbee. I also met three new dogs. I’d like to say that I was completely friendly, but I have to admit that snapped at all of them :o( Despite some snapping and barking, I did end up playing with two labs, a yellow one named Panama and a black one named Belize. I had a great time running with them! I wish I hadn’t snapped or barked at them at all, but I’m still working on that.

Oh and I discovered a new thing that day, I hate swimming!!! I liked the water, soaking in it that is, with my feet touching the sand. Once I couldn’t feel my paws on solid ground, I backed up! Amy decided she had to see me actually swim and carried me out into the water and would set me free to fend for myself…it was horrible!!! I didn’t sink or anything, I can swim just fine, but it just didn’t feel right. I would swim right back to her and climb up and grab onto her for dear life.

On Sunday we left in the morning around 9AM but not before we had gotten in some really good rounds of frisbee, fetch and soaking in the water. I was pretty tired during the ride home and even for the rest of the day. Once we got home, we ended up going to dog obedience class with another trainer to make up for the class we missed on Saturday. It was my best class yet, I didn’t bark or snap at anyone and I did great sit stays and down stays in front of the rec center. I had the scariest position right next to those sliding glass doors that open and close mysteriously and I didn’t move once!

Since we did so much this weekend, I just put all of the pictures here.

Another One Bites the Dust

I warned everyone didn’t I?! I did, I did! Well it happened again. When Amy returned from the bathroom this morning, this is what she found.

Don’t worry, it was fairly quick and I only chewed his ears off. I spared those goofy little stubby legs. And look, Amy patched him up afterward, he’s almost as good as new!

Okay, so he’s a little hard of hearing now but he’s still mostly entact. He actually belongs to David (you know with that whole Buffalo Bills thing) so he wasn’t too happy when Amy woke him up to tell him the news. But I think the fact that he was half asleep helped to soften the blow.

After this latest attack, the stuffed animals have gone into hiding. Once I figure out where they are, I’m coming back for them.

And the Skies Opened Up

For those of you who live in the Washington, DC, you know that this past Saturday was quite a wet one. It rained all day long. My dog obedience class was cancelled and I spent most of the day inside. In the evening it appeared that the skies were finally clearing so when David and Amy returned home after going to see a David Copperfield show, we decided to go out for a walk. The walk started out good. The weather was nice and breezy, the ground was wet, but the sidewalks had drained pretty well. Then about 15 minutes into the walk, it started drizzling a little bit but as we progressed, the rain got worse and worse and worse until we were all soaked! We could barely see where we were walking. Amy and I have gone walking in rain before and gotten pretty wet but it had never been this bad. Here’s a picture of David and me afterward, we were so happy to be home. Of course then David complained that the house smelled like a wet dog, hmph! I think it smelled more of wet humans!