Monthly Archives: June 2005

Riley and Rilee

I promised that I’d include pictures of the oppositely sized Riley and Rilee that I know. Rilee is my new neighbor who joined Jenna and Lucy’s family two houses down, she’s a Minature Pinscher.

The other is Riley with whom I had dog obedience class this past spring, the Great Dane.

As you can see, they couldn’t be more different in size. Just to give you a better idea, in this picture big Riley is standing in the front of the line and I’m in the back. She’s a good head taller than me in a sit; I don’t even want to think about how much longer she is when we’re standing up on our hind legs.

And this is little Rilee biting my leash outside this past weekend. Ah yup, Rilee the MiniPin is probably about 1/3rd the size of Riley the Great Dane’s whole head. It’s crazy to think how we dogs come in all these different sizes.

I’ve been mean to big Riley a few times but I’ve been really good with the little Rilee. Since she’s with Jenna and Lucy and those two are apart of my pack, Riley is too. As you can see from this picture, Rilee, like Lucy, love to chew on leashes.

I enjoy chewing on a leash occasionally myself. I used to do it a lot when our dog walker would take me out but then David got this collar that sprays water at me whenever I try to grab hold of my leash so I have since stopped.

Toad on my Doorstep

Last night I met a toad! It wasn’t the first time I’d ever met a toad. Last summer, when I was just a wee little puppy, Amy and David would take me on night time walks along this path connecting our subdivision to the neighboring subdivision. Every night there’d be toads all over this little path. Well last night before David and I were going to do some obedience training we saw this little toad outside our house. Although I’ve more than quadrupled in size since last summer I can’t say my reaction to this amphibian was very different. First, I was a little weary, “what is this strange little thing?” I asked myself.

Then I got up closer for a better look and a little sniff.

Then, I crouched down all ready to play with it.

But then it jumped! David picked it up to show me it was a nice toad but I got all suspicious again.

I got another good look at him and tried swating my paw at him but David put him back in the grass.

David and I finally did start doing obedience and I’ll be darned if that toad didn’t stick around to watch us. David had put me in a sit-stay and when he called me to come, I ran towards and right past him straight to see that toad. I bet he’ll be back tonight, maybe he’ll be more up for playing then.

End of Dog Class

Another weekend recap from me, Mango! We had our last dog obedience class on Saturday morning. It was a combined class with Dog I and Dog II for Doggie Games. Here are some pix from this last class.

This is one of our trainers, Mary, explaining this exercise to us. I really liked Mary a lot, she’s a great trainer. As you can see there are quite a bit of dogs in class. I did pretty good in this exercise, I didn’t snap at anyone and I followed Amy’s direction the whole time.

The guy in the front of the class is our main instructor, Norm, and the guy walking in the back of the class is one of our other instructors, Carl. A lot of the exercises we do in class require that we line up like this. Usually we do sits and stays but today we were playing a racing game.

Here are Amy and I in the line! Duke is sitting behind me and Buttercup (you can’t really see her face) is sitting in front of me.

Here are Amy and I playing this racing game. She has to pass off that tennis ball without dropping it. I’m watching the ball very carefully in case it falls so that I can snatch it up.

We have a week off and then we start Dog Obedience again. Probably about half of the class will move onto Dog II but I’m staying put in Dog I. This time around David will be going to classes with me instead of Amy.

Let’s see, what else happened this weekend? Oh yes, more bubbles eating, here I am attacking some bubbles in the house. No bubbles can escape the jaws of Mango!

Oh, I figured out how to open the door from the backyard into the basement. David left me out in the backyard on Saturday and I wanted to get back in but he couldn’t hear me whining so I just jumped up, pushed down on the lever doorknob and pushed my way back in. I am a border collie you know, the smartest dog out there!

Yesterday I got to play with Rusty in the morning. He just got a hair cut and looks pretty good. Then we went for a long walk, I was so hot and tired that by the time we got home, I just wanted to sleep on the cool floor. Have I mentioned that I’m not a summer dog? Last summer, my first summer ever, I would refuse to even go outside if it was hot. I’m better now, but I still would prefer the cool, air-conditioned indoors.

I also got to go with Amy and David to watch their softball games. I stayed with David’s mom and little brother, Thomas. His stepdad, Tom, is on their team too. I was really good though and just sat and watched them play.

Oh, oh, oh and one more last thing. Look at this picture that our dog walker’s mom found in her Ladies’ Home Journal magazine.

Anyone look familiar? That’s right, there’s a look a like! That dog in the bottom right hand, he looks like me! He doesn’t have a black triangle on the top of his head like me, but can you believe it? I thought I was the only white headed border collie in the world, I guess not. This article is about Camp Border Collie in upstate New York. The owners pair up rescued Border Collies with troubled kids from the inner city to give both a new outlook at life. I think it’s a great idea!

Riley and Dino

Several new developments in the news of the neighborhood dogs. Dino seems to be doing better. He was out with the rest of us the other night, you know, me, Lucy, Jenna and the new puppy. Except for the new puppy, we had to stay away from him so that he wouldn’t try to jump or anything but he seemed pretty happy and he’s looking good. He has to stay crated for a few more weeks, which he usually doesn’t have to do. See, unlike us hooligans (Jenna, Lucy and me), Dino doesn’t do bad things when left alone in the house uncrated. It’s okay though, I like my crate, it’s my little sanctuary and the best part is that whenever we go anywhere it can come with us, so I’m always home!

The second piece of news about the neighborhood dogs is that the puppy now has a name…Riley! I actually know a few Riley’s. There’s a German Shepherd who lives on the next street named Riley, I haven’t been too nice to him as of late. There’s also a big Great Dane in my obedience class named Riley, she’s about 1 billion times the size of the puppy. We’ll have to get some pictures of the two to show everyone.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Guess who is 1 now? Guess, guess, guess! It’s me!!! That’s right! I, Mango the white-headed border collie, am officially an adult dog! Well, adult in name but not in actuality because from what I understand about being an adult dog, you’re not allowed to chew on furniture anymore and I’m not giving that up any time soon! So this past Saturday I turned 1 and I celebrated by:

1. Not doing any “stays” in obedience class (it’s my birthday and I don’t have to listen if I don’t want to)
2. Chasing and eating bubbles with Kaitlyn in the back yard (we have some video that David will post soon)
3. Playing with Rusty and Kibbles (no weekend is complete without playing with them!)
4. Meeting Puppy, the new Mini Doberman Pinscher at Jenna and Lucy’s house. Pat and Summer haven’t named her yet so she’s just being called Puppy for now. She’s teeny tiny!
5. Eating some special doggie cookies
6. Playing with my new toys, the best ones being my glow-in-the-dark bouncy ball and a Chuck-It that David’s mom got me
7. And I can’t forget playing with Cheryl, who came over to work on a web site with David. She liked scratching my head, so I kept letting her scratch it.

All in all, another A+ weekend.

Oh I have to mention that Dino, my neighbor, is having some health problems again. He is in our thoughts and we hope that he will make another full recovery.