Monthly Archives: July 2005

Great Outdoor Games!

I hope that everyone out there has been watching the Great Outdoor Games on ESPN quite attentively. David, Amy and I have been! Last night was the premier event, the Large Dog Agility Competition and guess what all of the dogs were? Border collies, like me! And there’s one named Mayhem! Here he is.

Amy and David kept insisting that I watch very closely to prepare me to start agility. I was actually getting a bit worried. I don’t know if I really have the paw speed or the ability to do those tight turns. I’m not sure if I’ll ever measure up to Juice, she not only won the agility competition for the second year in a row but she also won the superweave.

Hopefully within the next year I’ll start doing agility and maybe one day you might even seen me on TV!

The Sneaky Fox

With every passing weekend, I’m getting better and better in obedience class. Well, not necessarily with heeling (I’ve started barking, which I almost never do, while Amy and I are heeling in class, which Amy doesn’t appear to like too much) but with socializing with other dogs. This past Saturday I played not only with Barrett but with two other dogs as well! I played with Aspen, a Border Collie/Lab mix and Gracie, a German Shepherd puppy. One of the people with whom we had Dog I with during the Spring, even came up to Amy and complemented her on my progress. I am learning that I don’t need to be so scared of other dogs and that it’s okay, and even fun, to play with them :o)

In other news, on Saturday, Amy, David and I went for a walk at one of our nearby parks, Huntley Meadows. We’ve gone there a bunch of times before but this time was different because during the middle of the walk we spotted a creature walking about 40 yards in front of us on the path…a wiley fox! I kept on pulling, trying to get closer to it but David wouldn’t let me. It would duck into the woods off of the path until at some point, instead of being in front of us, it wound up behind us! It followed us, at a safe distance, almost all the way back to the parking lot!

Happy 4th of July!

Happly 4th of July everyone! You know what happened on this very important date in American history? That’s right, a year ago my brothers and sisters and I all turned one month old! It would only be two more weeks before I met David and Amy for the first time and then only one more week before they brought me home. I guess the 4th is also associated with something called Independence Day? I don’t really know what that means except that a lot of people leave home and go on vacation; people like Amy’s family, they all went to the beach and left their dog, Koko, behind. Amy brought him over on Saturday and he’s been here ever since. It’s been pretty fun having him over, we play and run around the house chasing one another. Amy thinks he’s a little chunky so he’s been going on our long walks. After an hour long walk today we both collapsed on the floor and napped.

Keep in mind that I also had played fetch and frisbee for about 45 minutes this morning, I have way more fur than Koko does, AND it was like 100 degrees outside, so that’s why I’m so tired. Amy’s family returns from the beach on Wednesday so Koko will be here for a few more days.

Hmmmm…what else has happened this holiday weekend? Oh, I played a little with Rusty and Kibbles. Koko met Kibbles for a few minutes but they didn’t like each other too much. Koko doesn’t have doggie friends like I do so he’s not really used to being around other dogs.

Speaking of doggie friends, I made a new friend in obedience class! For the first time I actually played with a dog before class started. His name is Barrett and he’s a Vizsla. Here he is with his owner participating in one of the doggie games we played in our last spring class.

Our new summer session started and bunch of new dogs joined our class including two Border Collie mixes! Barrett and I, along with a couple of other dogs are the only ones returning to Dog I. I think we’ll all be able to move up to Dog II in a few weeks.