Monthly Archives: September 2005

My New Favorite Place

Of all of the places that I have been, my newest favorite place ever is Beulah Park. I went there a few months ago when David and Amy’s softball team was having practice. Amy let me onto the softball field as they were catching flyballs and I loved it! I ran around trying to herd the softballs. I don’t think border collies like anything better than running around in big open fields and I am no different. Since my run-in with those two dogs last month, Amy and David don’t let me run around off leash in the neighborhood anymore so every weekend we go to Beulah and I’m let loose! I get to run all the way across the field at full speed catching frisbees, it’s the greatest thing ever!

Sometimes Amy and I play fetch with my Chuck-It but usually David and I play with my frisbees!

Here I am in border collie stance anticipating the next throw.

I think I am the happiest doggie in the world at Beulah, just me, Amy, David and my frisbees :o)

Amy’s Birthday

I have a new border collie…his name is Mango 2!

We are best friends. We like to sit on our couch together and take naps.

After a long day, we like to sleep on the vents together.

We like to sleep upside down with our heads cooled by the air conditioning.

We even sleep side by side.

Amy’s birthday is today and Mango 2 was her birthday present from David. I love him, I like having another border collie around. Okay, so maybe I didn’t really love him that much when David first brought him home. See, he’s a stuffed animal and if you have read any of my blog in the past then you’ve read that I have a tendency to uh…destroy stuffed animals so when I first saw him I tried to bite his ears off…and his muzzle…and his legs…okay, I really just wanted to pull the stuffing out of his insides. But David and Amy made me be nice to him so I left him alone and let him nap and sleep with me. Just wait though, I’ll get to him sooner or later.

1st Night of Agility

After what seemed like hours and hours and hours of sitting in the car yesterday evening, we finally arrived at my very first agility class! Mary, one of our obedience instructors, was there with her two German Shepherds. Her older dog, Sassy, competes in both agility and formal obedience. Sometimes in obedience class on Saturdays we joke that she’s a wonder dog…hmmm…no one’s ever said that about me before. Anyway so class went pretty well, I got to jump over hurdles, jump through a tire, walk on an a-frame, run through a tunnel and walk through the middle of weave poles. I behaved pretty well…I think. The class was split in two and two of the dogs in my group show up sometimes at our Saturday obedience classes. It’s a small doggie world out there. There was a dog in the other group that I didn’t like so much though. It’s a husky and as soon as it walked into the ring it started barking like mad, so I got a little scared and every time I saw it I went beserk. Hopefully as I get used to this new environment, I’ll calm down around that dog.


It’s September! Can you believe it?! Well quite a bit has happened in the past few weeks. First, our summer session of dog obedience class ended this past Saturday. We did doggie games again and I actually made it all the way through the recall exercise…the hound dogs didn’t do so well, they just couldn’t ignore their noses. We had to run through a field of toys and food without stopping to sniff or eat anything. I almost didn’t make it through but I saw Amy at the end of the field with bubbles so I ran right to her. My friend, Barrett was funny, he stopped to play with every single toy on the ground, his owner was quite frustrated by the time they made it to the end of the field.

Tomorrow I am starting a beginning agility class. It’ll be a new environment so I hope that I can behave. Amy and David think that I’ll like this agility thing, I hope so too. As we saw at the Great Outdoor Games, border collies seem to be made for agility. We’ll let you know how it goes.

Oh, I helped David and one of his fantasy football leagues in selecting the order for their online draft. Check out the video, I think I did a pretty good job. Fizzle ‘n Flop 2005 Fantasy Football Lottery.

Something bad happened last week :o( I got in a dog fight and got bitten by some neighborhood dogs. I was off-leash playing fetch and I ran up them and started trouble. The bite hurt a lot and I wasn’t myself for a few days. But I saw the vet and he gave me some medicines and I’m feeling better. I’m not quite 100% yet but I’m getting there. Yesterday we went out to the softball fields at the local park and I got to run full speed across the outfield catching frisbees, I loved it!