Monthly Archives: October 2005

Accotink Adventures

Yesterday was a great day! Firstly, it was the first nice and sunny day in what seemed like forever. Last Saturday I was stuck inside the house all day because it was raining, raining, raining. We couldn’t even play frisbee in the basement because the water infiltrated our basement and the carpet had to be pulled up. Today though was a whole other story. Amy, David, Kaitlyn (Amy’s niece) and I set out for an adventure at Lake Accotink. If you’ll recall, we went there for the first time last winter. We walked around the entire lake and I even ventured into the water for my very first time. This time we did some more exploring.

On our first detour, we walked down to the lake’s edge. Kaitlyn was convinced there were alligators, Amy said there aren’t any alligators who live in Virginia, but I wanted to check it out for myself so I peered over the edge.

Then Kaitlyn started throwing leaves and rocks into the water to see if she could get anything down there to stir. Now you know me with moving objects. If someone is throwing it, then I want to run after it and catch it. So, I dove into the water.

Our next detour took us to this big tree that had fallen across a small stream. Since I’m an agility dog now, I had no problems walking over it, with a little help from Amy.

David even made it over and we got a picture taken together :o)

But then he left me and Amy was supposed to help me get down, but that didn’t work so well. I ended up tumbling off the tree :o( It’s okay though, I’m a tough little border collie. I just popped back up and attempted to run away with a nice rock I found in the stream.

After our walk, we returned to the marina and the little beach, where I took in the sights and sounds. I can’t wait to go back, I’m going to catch an alligator the next time!

The Mango Table

Last Friday Amy and David went to the wedding of their friends Jeanette and Chuck. I know Jeanette and Chuck! They’ve come by our house a bunch, in fact, they were here to help celebrate Amy’s birthday! Well even though I was acting kind of strange and nipped at Jeanette’s feet a few times that evening, they must like me because they named an entire table after me at their reception! That’s right, there was a Mango table, table number 7 and that’s where Amy and David sat.

That’s one of the table markers/menus that Amy brought home for me to see. I was quite excited when I found out…okay, so maybe Jeanette is a horticulturalist and they both love plants and decided to name all of their tables after plants and and flowers and the such and it just happens that my name is also a fruit. And so what if a mango just happens to be a fruit native to Florida, where Chuck went to school, and Ghana, where Jeanette is from. I’ll choose to believe that they named the table after me because as sweet and good as mangoes the fruits are, Mango the dog is even sweeter and Hmmm…okay, maybe not, but I can run faster and catch a frisbee in mid-air, let’s see one of those stupid rolly polly fruits do that.