Monthly Archives: February 2006


I’m not so excited anymore that Amy and David are home. Amy came home from work today and promptly decided to give me a bath…I hate baths! Hmph!

They’re home!

Amy and David are home! Amy and David are home! Amy and David are home! Amy and David are home! Hooray!!! And, they brought back all sorts of cool stuff for me! Apparently they went to see the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York and got all sorts of free stuff including 2 small plastic frisbees, 3 bags of assorted doggie treats, 3 black and white tennis balls, and 2 bone shaped soft squeaky toys!

And in typical Mango style, I was able to destroy at least one toy within minutes. Here’s what one of those PetSmart soft bone shaped toys looked like when Amy first gave it to me.

Then I got a hold of it and did my magic.

Here’s what it looked like only a few minutes later.

I ripped a hole in it, took out a bunch of stuffing and of course, I got a hold of the squeaker after which I proceeded to chew half of it off. This squeaker will squeak no more.

Mikeo Watches Me

Yesterday, David and Amy left for a vacation in New York City for a few days and left me at home with their friend, Mikeo. During football season, Mikeo comes over every weekend to sit in the basement with David to yell at the television. He usually comes with food and I usually try and eat it off the table when he’s not looking.

Anyway, so last night, he showed up around 6PM and was very irritable. When he came in to get me out of my crate, he said, “There’s a new sheriff in town for the next few days. You either play by my rules or you don’t play at all!” What a disciplinarian this guy is! He thinks he’s Bobby Knight. Well, I had a few tricks up my sleeve, well, if I wore clothes that is.

My first reaction was that David and Amy made a big mistake leaving me with him. It took him 15 minutes to figure out how to put on my harness. He was reading directions and looking at pictures but finally figured it out. I don’t even think he put it on right, but I didn’t care, I wanted to go outside. We went for our usual walk around the block and a bus drove by. I immediately tried to attack it. Amy remembered to tell him that I don’t like other dogs, but she forgot to mention my extreme dislike of the bus. Anyway, the bus won that battle pretty easily because at the last minute, I dove for cover.

Mikeo and I played frisbee when we got back from the walk. He didn’t understand the game. He threw the frisbees down the stairs into the dark basement and expected ME to go fetch. Why doesn’t he get off his bottom and walk down to pick them up himself? I’m not going down there. It’s too dark and scary.

He ended up staying overnight because he had to walk me in the morning. Boy, did I have a surprise for him that night! After he was fast asleep in the guest room and I was “asleep” on the white couch in the living room, I snuck upstairs and pounced on him at 5AM! Haha, take that! He wasn’t too happy to say the least. He almost hit me across the jaw, but who was he trying to kid? I’m a border collie! I’m swift and nimble and I dodged his grouchy, sleepy hand. Hahaha!!!