Monthly Archives: March 2006

Bath Time

Today David gave me a bath and let me tell you, I was not too happy about it. At first, I thought I’d try to be positive. David started the water and I was a little thirsty so I took some sips.

But even after my thirst was quenched, the water kept on coming! Hey, that’s COLD!

Finally the water was turned off, but then the shampoo came….help me, someone, anyone.

Once I was covered in shampoo, David rinsed me off and I got to leave the bathtub and he started drying me off with a towel. Blah!

I managed to wiggle away from him and then it was on! I started running around the room, shaking like crazy!

And I rubbed myself all over the futon. Hey, if I’m wet, the furniture should be too!

And I ran along the edge of the bed.

And just for safe measure, I hopped on top of the bed too.

Ah, all better!


Yesterday morning as Amy and I were on our regular early morning walk, I walked into a sign post…ouch! Amy was moving in one direction and I insisted on watching a car that was moving in the opposite direction and before I knew it, Bang! Right into the post.

Then in the evening when we went to our training class at All About Dogs I thought the day was getting better when Amy dropped my entire canister of treats on the ground. At first I didn’t notice them cause I was checking out the dogs, owners and trainers milling about but once I saw the jackpot, I started gobbling them up. She and one of the other trainers, Chris, eventually got the treats all back in their container though, bummer.

During class we were working with owners moving from one chair to another. I guess that movement was enough to create some static electricity because towards the end of the class, Amy went to give me a treat and Ouch! She shocked me! I didn’t dare take another treat from her for the rest of the night for fear of being shocked again.

Speaking of All About Dogs, I love the trainers. They’re all so nice and the best part is that they all carry treat bags with them. Sure there are dogs there, I could do without them, but I guess that’s why I’m there, to learn to behave around the dogs, but the trainers are great. They pet me and tell me how handsome I am (which I think I am, thank you very much) and of course, they give me treats.

Great Falls

On Saturday I had quite the adventure. David, Amy, Kaitlyn (Amy’s niece) and I went to Great Falls National Park. It was one of the best places ever! I know that I’ve said that a bunch, like about Lake Accotink and Beulah Park and Burke Station Park, but this time I really mean it. Even though it’s March, the weather the past few days has been super warm and Saturday was a day you just couldn’t spend all cooped up inside. So, we all headed off to Great Falls. Well, apparently a lot of other folks had the same idea because we sat in the car, waiting in a long line trying to get into the park. It was all worth it though. I had never seen anything like it in my life. Look at these rapids!

We wanted to get a better view of the water so we climbed all over these big rocks and boulders. At first, I was a little hesitant and Amy had to wait for me as I figured out how to move around.

But pretty soon I was getting the hang of it.

And I was having to wait for Amy! Come on, hurry up!

I had never climbed so much before so we did take some breaks. Here are David, Kaitlyn and I. I think Kaitlyn loved climbing the rocks as much as I did.

Ah what a view! I hope that we get to come back soon so we can go exploring even more.

Lazy Who?

Today as I was napping in the kitchen, David took a picture of me and made this postcard.

Hmph! Even super active dogs like me get tired once in a while. Besides, that nice cool floor feels so nice against my….(yawn)…fur, it just makes you want to (yawn) close your eyes on a warm day and (yawn) fall…….a…..sleee…..p….(zzzzzzzz).