The Way I Sleep

On the weekdays, before she leaves for work, Amy puts me in the bedroom with David. When she shuts the door, I’m always lying down on the floor underneath the window, next to the vent. Once she leaves though, I jump onto the bed and sleep on her side. Often times I’m awoken from my slumber by David exclaiming “Mango! What ridiculous sleeping position is that?!” Ridiculous! I am a dog, and not only that, I am a border collie with particularly long and lanky legs. It’s hard sometimes to find a comfortable position in which to sleep, so I try every position.

Sleeping on my back is one of my favorites. Sometimes I need to stretch my neck so I choose a position like this one.

And sometimes curving your body inward feels better. This is what I call the backwards “C”.

Sometimes I challenge myself to find new ways to keep my paws off of the bed. Sleeping on my back is one easy way, here’s another way to accomplish that while sleeping on your side.

Then again, there are times when you just need to have a full stretch of your body. This is one of my favorite ways to sleep on the futon. It helps when I’m dreaming about chasing sheep or other such moving objects, I feel like I’m in full stride, only, I’m asleep!