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It’s HOT!

A few weeks ago it was raining non-stop. Everytime I went outside, I came back in soaking wet. Now, it’s crazy hot outside! I’m a border collie with a double coat of fur, I do not like the hot weather. Amy says that when I was a wee pup, and Amy and David had first brought me home, I refused to go outside when it was hot outside. Well, these days, I can’t refuse anymore because I like our daily walks around the area. Especially since I discovered bunny rabbits. I see at least one once a week and I vow to catch one one of these days. Anyway, whereas during the spring, Amy and I could go for two-hour long walks in the evenings, now we have to cut it down to one-hour cause we are both panting halfway through. When I get home I can think of nothing better to do than sleep upside down next to the air conditioning vent with my frisbees by my side. I mean really, could life get any better than this?

Hmmm…I guess doing this after having caught a bunny rabbit would probably be better. I’m not really sure what I’d do with a bunny rabbit. All I know is that it’s brown and it’s fuzzy and it hops really fast and I need to catch it. Just watch, I’ll get to one sooner or later.

Another Picture on Doggie Central

I have another picture on’s Dog Central Doggie Galleria. Vote for all three of my pictures!

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The newest picture of me is on the first page, I’m looking out through the stair railing.

A picture of me sleeping on the kitchen floor is on the 4th page of photos.

The last picture is of me on my first car ride in the back seat of David’s car. It’s on the 5th page of photos.

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Creek & Soccer Practice

Before I go to bed tonight, I thought I’d write in my blog and let everyone know about my weekend. I am quite tired cause I got to do a whole bunch. Yesterday, Amy and I spent the whole day at her parents’ house with her nieces. We played frisbee in the backyard, went for walks around the neighborhood and we went down to the creek and I got to play in the water! Kaitlyn and I both wadded around in the creek. She lost her flip-flops a few times and even fell in but we liked walking around in the water.

Ashlie was throwing rocks in the water for me and I was trying to catch them but I never caught one. I had fun trying though.

Then today we went to soccer practice! Mikeo has started a soccer team and David and Tracy are both on the team. Amy and I went to root them on…well, Amy went to root them on and to take pictures and I went to try and deflate their soccer balls. I watched the soccer game very closely and made sure not take my eyes off the ball.

It was super hot and I was panting like crazy but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.


You’re probably all wondering why I would write about FIFA when the World Cup has been over for weeks. Well, the real FIFA World Cup might have ended when Italy beat France, but in our house, it goes on and on…and on. See, for the past few weeks, since the start of the real World Cup, Mikeo has been coming over to our house to play World Cup on the XBox. During these FIFA nights, he and David usually end up playing for hours with most of the time spent yelling obscenities at each other. Anyway, even though the nights thus far have ended in disappointment, I generally like FIFA nights cause Mikeo comes over and I like Mikeo. Sometimes he’ll throw me my frisbees and he’ll pet me. But the best thing about Mikeo is that usually whenever he comes over, he and David order food and where do they eat the food? At the coffee table in the basement, which is well within the reaches of these puppy paws. Tonight I almost made away with an entire slice of Mikeo’s pizza. I took a few quick licks before he noticed and took it away from me. The other day, I even managed to knock over a can of soda and get a taste in before David cleaned it up. The slices of pizza can be hard cause they’re relatively big. They’ve gotten wings before. One would think those would be pretty easy to swipe, but it’s hard to get them out of those containers. Fries are pretty easy, I like the ones from Roy Rogers the best. See the best time to try for food is when they score a goal and are running around the basement celebrating, hooting and hollering. Unfortunately, goals come few and far between so my total food intake during FIFA has been pretty low. After approximately 10 million hours of play, they have yet to beat Ghana.

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David got two of my pictures on’s Dog Central Doggie Galleria. Vote for me! Go to this web site:

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For the breed, select “Other”. (I don’t know why they don’t have border collie as a breed, ridiculous!)

For the color, select “Blk/Tan/Wht”. (I don’t know why they don’t have just black and white either)

A picture of me sleeping on the kitchen floor is on the 2nd page of photos and a picture of me as a puppy riding in the back seat of David’s car is on the 3rd page of photos.

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