Monthly Archives: August 2006

Put me in Coach

On Tuesday, David, Tracy and Mikeo had their first soccer game. Amy and I went to see them play. I was very good during the game even though I went crazy every time a soccer ball came near me. I really like chasing soccer balls. I thought that maybe at some point Mikeo, who’s the team coach, would put me in…I never got in though :o( Amy and some bubbles were able to keep my mind off being on the bench the entire game. On Wednesday morning though I thought more about the game and pouted.

They won 2-0 and their teammate, Bub, scored both goals, but I think I could’ve chased the ball into the goal. Jeff, who’s soccer ball I was chasing in our parking lot before we left for the park, whiffed on one ball. I saw it with my own eyes, pretty sad. I know I could’ve done better than that.

Bike Riding!

On Friday, for the first time, I went bike riding! Well, I didn’t ride a bike. Amy rode her bike and I ran beside her. It actually took me a little time to figure out how to jog next her on the bike. We started out in the parking lot but I didn’t realize I was supposed to be running, I thought this was leash biting time.

See, I was biting my leash, all up and down the parking lot.

Eventually, I started to get the idea and I was being really well behaved.

But sometimes I’d forget to be good and start leash biting again.

And then I’d be good Mango again and run like the perfect pup!

We went out again on Saturday and Sunday. I didn’t bite on my leash, I ran really well. Amy put my mist squirting collar on me and when I tried to bite the leash, “squirt”, I got a little mist of water under my chin so I stopped. On Saturday, we actually didn’t start out too well. We were going down this little hill and were going at top speed. I criss crossed in front of the bike and “bang!” Amy went down. She got some pretty bad scraps, but we kept on biking. I like running next to the bike! Finally, I feel like we’re moving at the speed that border collies are supposed to move…and that’s fast!

Ugh, another bath

If there’s one day every month that I dread more than all others it’s bath day. Today, David gave me a bath out in the backyard on the deck. Do I look like a fish to you? I am a border collie. I belong in open grassy fields chasing furry animals, not soaking wet.

Blech, I hate water.

Shake, shake, shake…get the water off.

You’re going to put that on me? David says it’s shampoo and is supposed to make me clean.

Someone, anyone, save me.

If it means getting that shampoo off, I guess I’ll have to sit still through this rinsing.

Yea! Time to get the water off!

Just one more paw right David? Then we’re done?

Now I am all dry and I’ve got a whole month before the next bath! In the meantime, here’s the wallpaper calendar for August!