Monthly Archives: September 2006

Uh oh

So I must say that I haven’t been very destructive since my puppy days. I’ve stopped chewing on the furniture; the only type of paper I tear up is wrapping paper; I don’t pull heads, arms, legs, or ears off of my stuffed animals; and I’ve stopped ripping holes in the down comforters. Today however, I’m sorry to say that I’ve regressed.

This uh, used to be my name tag. It used to say my name and address and phone number. It used to be on my collar. But today, as I was sitting in the kitchen, I decided I had enough of it and started breaking it apart. And that is what Amy found when she came home tonight. I guess Amy has to order a new one now. And don’t get a plastic one this time!

Happy Birthday Kaitlyn

Today was Kaitlyn’s birthday party. Amy and I went over to Amy’s parents’ house for the big BBQ party. Amy thought that taking me on a 6 mile bike ride would be enough to wear me out for the day, but I proved her wrong. I got to spend the whole day in the backyard. Amy’s cousin, Kathy threw my frisbees for me. I liked playing tug with the frisbee when she would try to get it from me.

Then she blew some bubbles for me.

One of the kids at the party, Seth, thought it was the funniest thing ever.

Afterward, we even went to the park and we made a short excursion into the woods and visited the creek.

This is Kiwi, he lives next door and he barks a lot. I was having so much fun, I barely noticed his barking.