Monthly Archives: December 2006

Christmas Pix

While we are still trying to figure out the technical difficulties with posting new pix to blog, check out my flickr page where you can see pictures from Christmas. I don’t have pix yet from the day of Christmas, Amy’s sister, Vicki took those but I’ll bug her and get her to post them soon. So go here to view my pix:

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! Unfortunately we’ve been having technical difficulties here at and can’t seem to upload any pictures to the blog so I can’t share any of my Christmas pictures. Anyway, I had a very good Christmas. Amy brought me with her to celebrate with her family and except for when I started barking and chasing her cousins Andy and Johnny when they first came through the door, I was really well behaved. Okay, maybe I wasn’t that well behaved. Amy’s mom put a ham on the dining room table for Christmas Eve dinner and well, I might have snagged a few slices. And then when her sister, Vicki, put it up on a higher shelf, I might have climbed onto the shelf and then stole a few more slices. Can you really blame me? It was so good, so very good. So what did I get for Christmas you might ask? Well, I got to eat some delicious ham and I got some new doggie treats and Amy bought me some new flavored bubbles, bacon flavored bubbles…mmm. Oh and Amy bought a new squeaking tennis ball for Koko for Christmas and well, I might have broken the squeaker, only a few minutes after he opened it, but I didn’t break the Kong toy she got him…not yet. Hehehe…Merry Christmas everyone!