Monthly Archives: February 2007

It’s Back!

Another winter storm blew through the area today. I know I had said last week that I was sick of the snow…maybe I lied cause it’s great! This time it was acually snow, the kind you can make into snowballs and eat! For a while it was coming down as big huge flakes and you could feel it on the tip of your nose.

I bounced and hopped around in the snow. I was so excited! Maybe a bit too excited because I kept on tugging on my leash.

Amy didn’t like that too much. She also didn’t like it when I met my first snowman. Not that she didn’t like the snowman, she didn’t like that I jumped up on him and started clawing at his head and she especially didn’t like it when I tried to push his head off. I was good though when she took this picture.

The Monster Ball

I love tennis balls. They’re great because they bounce and you can run after them and catch them and squish them in your mouth. And if you have a red one like mine, you can squish and squeak at the same time.

I also love my orange plastic ball. I like to chase it around the house and bark at it.

There’s also this soccer ball. I would really like to run and chase it around the house too but I’m not allowed. Apparently there’s a possibility that I could deflate it.

But those are nothing compared to the incredible fitness ball! It’s gigantic! It’s bigger than me! Now I’m really not allowed to play with that one cause it’s filled with lots and lots of air. It’s kind of unfair, I mean, there is a chance that I wouldn’t pop it

I wonder if it squeaks…

Finished with the Snow

Okay, so I know I said that I really wanted it to snow and I was really excited when it snowed a week ago, but now I think I’m ready for it all to melt away. I haven’t gotten to go on a long walk since it snowed last week because all of the sidewalks are a treacherous, icy, sometimes slushy, mess covered with salt and sand. Now, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy indoor frisbee as much as the next dog, but I miss sniffing the new smells during my daily walks. I have to admit that I was a little thrilled on Sunday night when there was a dusting. As I slipped and slid outside, I definitely was licking up the newly fallen snow.

Year of the Pig

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! As you might know, Amy is Chinese-American and her family celebrates the Lunar New Year. She and her cousins say it’s their favorite holiday because one of the traditions is red envelopes. All of the younger people receive red envelopes from their parents, uncles, aunts and grandparents and do you know what’s in them? Money! Money actually isn’t that exciting to me but apparently it’s what humans use to buy things. Things like treats and frisbees and leashes and tennis balls and food which makes me think that getting money is a good thing.

Amy and her family are going to some big New Year’s dinner at a restaurant with all of their extended family. There’s supposed to be a lot food but they’re not allowing dogs.

This is the year of the pig. Amy’s sister, Vicki, was born in the year of the pig. I was born in the year of the monkey, which probably explains why I’m a little crazy sometimes. Amy, David and Amy’s niece, Ashlie, were all born in the year of the sheep, which makes perfect sense because, I’m a border collie and we’re bred to herd sheep. Okay, so I don’t herd sheep, but I do kind of have my own sheep to take care of.

Wintery Mix

Another winter storm hit us last night! It started yesterday afternoon, Amy and I actually took our evening walk in freezing rain and it froze on my fur and on her coat. Then when we woke up this morning, there was a few inches of snow, sleet and ice on the ground.

Oh and Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! So far, mine has been great. After an abbreviated walk this morning, Amy blew bubbles for me in the backyard which combined two of my most beloved things…bubbles and snow!

Oh and does anyone know who won the Westminster? I completely forgot to watch it last night. I don’t now how the border collie fared in the best of breed and show competitions. Do you know?