Monthly Archives: March 2007

Love Spring!

So a lot has happened since my last blog entry…the biggest news being that it’s spring! And because it’s spring, I’ve been able to spend a whole bunch of time outside. In the past week, I’ve gone on a whole bunch of walks through the woods. During one walk close to home, Amy and I decided to off-road and leave the trails behind…yeah, that didn’t work out so well. We had to trample through some rough groundcover and got some scratches, but we’re okay. Then on another day, we went to Huntley Meadows Park and wandered around on ther natural and paved trails. And then on yet another day, we went to the creek near Amy’s parents’ house, not once, but twice! I wadded into the water and tried to catch the bubbles in the water. A few days ago, we also made a trip to Lake Accotink. Here I am resting on one of the tree trunks next to the trail.

All of the forest creatures were out that day, especially squirrels and geese. Most of the geese stayed in the middle of the lake though, I wanted them to come closer.

Let’s see what else….oh, I got a new tug toy!

I had my last Applied Skills class at All About Dogs and the head trainer, Keely, made everyone tug toys! Grrrrr….don’t try and take it from me!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! I hope that everyone had a good day yesterday. I’m not really sure what is celebrated on St. Patrick’s Day but Amy did make me wear a green bandana. Apparently people drink something called green beer but I don’t think I had any. I did do some counter/table surfing and ate a bunch of rice left over in a bowl, that was pretty good.

So the biggest news around here is the crazy weather. Last Wednesday it was warm enough to go bike riding but today it was super windy and cold. Amy and I went on our usual Sunday morning walk and walked to the path that runs parallel to the Metro train tracks. Amy lets me off leash for a few minutes. Today, I ran after a moving Metro train (don’t worry, there’s a big fence and quite a bit of distance between the path and the train so there’s no chance I could actually get to the train). I almost caught it…almost. Then I saw some flying geese and tried to chase after them, but they landed in the middle of a pond and I hate swimming, especially in cold cold water, so there was no chance I was going to get them.

I hope everyone has a good week. I’ve got the usual schedule of events, you know, catching frisbees, chasing bubbles, sleeping, going for walks, attending classes at All About Dogs, and of course continuing my never ending struggle with the TV Stand Squeaky Ball game.

Oh, today I found a softball. I managed to take some seams out before it got kicked underneath the tv stand…the tv stand wins again darn it!


This is a Walking Robopet from McDonald’s.

This is me chewing on the Robopet. It now no longer walks.

This is a shredder.

This is a bag of shredded paper that came out of the shredder.

The Robopet somehow managed to jump into the bag of shredded paper. This is me performing a search and “rescue” mission to find the Robopet.

I managed to pull out all of the paper but couldn’t find the Robopet. He’s lost forever.

I hear there’s a Biting Roboreptile…that sounds awesome!

The Bike is Back

Saturday was a beautifl day with the temps in the 60’s. Everyone spent the day outside, including me! Amy and I went back out for a bike ride. It had been a while since we’d gone bike riding so I got tired a bit earlier than usual but I had fun. Even though I like the cold weather and snow, I also like the warmer weather because the days are longer so I can spend more time outside.

Unlike last Sunday, when it snowed and snowed, today it’s been sunny but very windy. Of course, this would be the day that I had to get a bath. As usual, I hated it. I almost escaped, but I was caught and reeled back into the bath tub. Apparently, Amy found some dingleberries and was not too happy about having to clean them out. Well, you know what I say? Dingleberries happen.

It would’ve been great had I escaped because not only was I wet but covered in shampoo. Amy would’ve freaked out if I got loose and was running around the house getting dog shampoo all over the walls and floor!

Oh and on Thursday and Friday nights, I played a bunch of rounds of Squeaky Ball vs. TV Stand. As of today, here are the current standings:

TV Stand: 16
Mango: 0

One day I will retrive that squeaky ball! One day!

Big Blog!

Happy March everyone! I’m going to start off this month with a monster blog entry!

First off, did you all know that I am quite the star? Remember Chinese New Year’s last month? Amy took pictures of me with those red envelopes, like this one.

Well, her mom brought some of those pictures to work with her and they were quite the hit. Everyone loved the pictures of me and asked if they could have the pictures!

Then this past week I found out that the trainers at All About Dogs used pictures of me in a PowerPoint presentation for a web seminar. Here I am doing some of my super duper tricks, a bow and a high five.

And if that wasn’t enough, look at this Rubik’s Cube.

Yup, that’s me on the Rubik’s Cube! It’s the herding group edition.

There’s the German Shepherd.

And the Corgi.

And the Bearded Collie.

And we can’t forget the Sheltie.

And of course, me!

Pretty cool huh? Now I can see what I would look like with the nose of a Corgi, ears of a German Shepherd, and the eyes of a Sheltie.

Now, what else has been happening?

Well, tonight my orange ball got stuck behind the couch. That’s my paw trying to get to that darn thing.

How was I supposed to get that thing out of there?

I figured if I could just get closer to it…

Whew! Then I had to get it past this air vent.

Almost there!

I eventually did get it out of there, it was quite the challenge but …what mischief should I get into next? Another game of squeaky ball vs. TV stand?