Monthly Archives: April 2007

Sun and Fun

I hope that everyone got to get out and enjoy the weather this past weekend, I sure did! In fact I was so busy having fun out in the sun that I didn’t get any pictures snapped, so there will be no photos accompanying this blog, sorry :o( But I will do my best to describe what I got to do and see. Firstly, I saw my very first horse! There’s a small farm nearby that is next to this pond that Amy and I walk around occasionally. Before, the horses have always been too far away but on Saturday there was one right near the fence. I wasn’t too sure what to make of it, I started barking at it, which it didn’t seem to care too much about. Then I just stood there and stared at it. It seemed pretty slow to me, it was just eating some grass but Amy assures me that it’s probably a whole lot faster than me. Then on Sunday, we went for a walk around another pond in another neighborhood and we saw an egret! That was much less exciting than the horse, but Amy seemed to like it. I got pretty close but then it flew away, birds have a tendency to do that when I’m around. Let’s see, what else did we do? Oh, we went to the creek near her parents’ house with her nieces. We all sloshed around in the water, that was fun. I like to try to catch the bubbles on the top of the water. We also played some frisbee and broke out the Bubble Babble machine. Although I’m still getting adjusted to the heat, I like the warm weather cause we get to spend so much time outside, instead of being couped up inside all day long. I hear it’s supposed to rain the rest of the week, I hope not, I want to go back out and see that horse again and maybe challenge it to a race!


You know how I said before that it’s spring? Well, I’m not sure that the weather is aware of what spring means because today I woke up and guess what was on the ground? Snow!

I was thoroughly confused. I think the plants are too. Here’s a picture of one of the trees in my neighborhood that has started flowering. Its little flowers are all covered with snow.

I hope that everyone had a good Easter. This is the Easter Bunny that Amy met when she took her nieces to an Easter Egg Hunt. Apparently he was there overseeing the festivities, I’ll bet he was confused by the snow too.

Monster March!

So I just found out today that crushed all of our previous records and logged the most hits in our history during the month of March! I’m not really sure exactly how many hits the web site got, but trust me, it was a lot.

Let’s celebrate with a new toy! When Amy went to the vet today to get me some more heartworm pills, they had a basket full of plush doggie heads, so she took one.

It’s some kind of marketing schwag for Frontline. At first I thought it was a little suspicious, I mean, it’s just a floating dog head. I tried my best to ignore it.

But you know me, I am quite curious and wondered what a floating dog head would taste like, so I took a lick.

Of course I couldn’t stop there, I am a dog after all so I attempted to swallow it whole.

But I eventually spit it out…it’s no Scooby Snack.

Scooby Snacks!

These are Scooby Snacks.

And they are just as good as Scooby Doo says they are! And even though they are absolutely delicious, I am so well trained that I can ignore their deliciousness even when they’re sitting right in front of me. See, look!

I have such a good “leave it” that I can even fall asleep with them sitting on my paws.

Yes, aren’t you impressed? Yeah, well, um, even though these photographs prove otherwise, there might be sometimes, just some, when I’m not so good at leaving Scooby Snacks alone. Like, um, earlier today when Amy had a bunch and had broken them up into little pieces to use as training treats for me and Koko. She walked away for a split second to get something and when she returned they had all magically disappeared. Despite my cutest looking puppy face, she figured out it was me who had snatched them all up. What can I say? Even Scooby Doo had a weak moment every now and then.