Monthly Archives: May 2007

Crate Happy

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I hope that everyone enjoyed their long weekend. Today, Amy and I went to flyball practice and boy was it hot! We practice inside an air conditioned facility but in between turns, I sat outside in the car. The car was parked under shade and all of the windows were open so I wasn’t burning up, but still, it was pretty warm. After class Amy decided to go out and buy me a new crate, a light portable one that we can take to flyball so I can stay inside the building. I already have two other crates. I have my main crate, a black metal one that is in the kichen at home. It folds up but is kinda heavy. Then I have a plastic crate, you know those kinds that go on airplanes. That one is at Amy’s parents’ house. We go there so much (mostly because Amy can’t cook and her mom can, and because they have a backyard that’s 12 times as big as our townhouse backyard) that she got one off of a thing called craig’s list a few months ago. It used to belong to standard poodle. This one doesn’t fit so well in her little compact car. So, she went off to PetSmart and got me the n2n port-a-crate. Tada!

Pretty cool huh? It’s even got windows on the side and back with pull down window shades. The box says it’s stylish…yeah, I think I look pretty hip stepping out of this thing.

And it even has a sunroof! Hello!

I actually used to have another portable crate. It looked like this one.

There aren’t any pictures of me in it because, well, I kinda broke it. It was really flimsy. I could flip it upside down and eventually I figured out how to open the zipper. I escaped from it more than once. It got so bent out of shape, it eventually found itself in the dumpster. Oh well, this new one is a lot sturdier so hopefully it’ll stick around for a while.

May Fever!

Okay, I’m back! I know, I’ve been super duper bad this month about blogging. The weather has just been so nice out that I’ve been spending every minute that I can outside frockling in the grass. The biggest event that’s happened so far this month was Ashlie’s 4th Birthday. It was another big huge family and friends event at Amy’s parents’ house.

She’s on this big Happy Feet kick so Vicki got her a Mumble birthday cake. I really wanted to taste some but it was mint chocolate chip and apparently dogs aren’t supposed to eat chocolate…not fair.

I had fun though. Lately whenever we’ve been going to her parents’ house, a couple of neighborhood kids have been coming over to play with Kaitlyn and Ashlie and me too. They love throwing me frisbees and tennis balls and blowing me bubbles.

Oh, the Flyball Invaders also hosted their first tournament. I didn’t go because I’m still a FDIT, Flyball Dog In Training, and Amy thought it would be a bit overwhelming cause there’s dogs everywhere. She went though and helped out and she had a blast. We’ve been practicing at home but I’m really suspicious of that flyball box, it makes a lot of noise. The club hasn’t had a lot of practices lately but hopefully we will soon and the other members of the team can help with some training advice.

What else? Oh, Terrie, Amy’s sister, is home from Manila! She’s been gone since last August and now she’s home for about two months before she and her husband, Long, head back out to their next post in Vancouver.

Okay, well, Amy and I just got back from a 1 hr 45 min walk so I’m pooped and need to take a nap.