Monthly Archives: June 2007

Rain and Wild Animals

This weekend is the first time in forever that it has actually rained. I guess maybe the rain has brought out all of the animals because while it was still dry, Amy and I went on our usual Sunday morning walk and I saw not one, not two, but three animals! My first encounter was with a turtle. We were walking along and I saw him sitting at the corner just sunning himself. Amy didn’t see him but I did and I stopped and did some investigating. I went up and sniffed but he pulled his legs and head inside his shell. Then, later on in the walk we saw a bunch of geese hanging out at a pond. Amy let me off my leash and I charged after them and went splashing around in the water. It was so much fun! Then as we were heading home I saw a bunny rabbit. I tried chasing after it, but was not allowed to go off leash. Last year we used to see bunnies all the time, but there haven’t been as many this year so when I spot one, I’m determined to stare it down.

Harry Potter!

So I’m sure that everyone has been swept up by Harry Potter mania. I remember a couple of years ago when Amy would spend every night curled up with one of the Harry Potter books. She read the first six books back to back. Well after seeing the Order of the Phoenix movie on Friday night, she came home last night with the 7th book….the Deathly Hallows!

Seeing as how I can’t read and am not allowed in movie theaters and I’m not too great at watching TV, I’m not really sure who Harry Potter is or why he’s so popular. What I do know is that the Deathly Hollows came with some glow in the dark Harry Potter-esqe glasses and of course, Amy felt the need to put them on me. I resisted at first but eventually I gave up.

I think I look rather scholarly, don’t you? It looks like I’m contemplating things like, I hear that Harry Potter likes to fly around on a broomstick. How does he do that? The one in my house only ever sweeps up my hair.

Maybe these glasses have a spell on them, they’re making me very sleepy.

More Birthday Fun!

Yesterday, Amy and her sisters, nieces and mom went out to dinner to celebrate her brother-in-law, Long’s Birthday. Afterward, they came back to our house for cake.

Here’s a better picture of the cake, doesn’t it look delicious?

Well, I was a little curious about what it tasted like. Ashlie’s a little messy so I thought maybe I could get a piece of her cake.

She didn’t let me have any of her cake so I did a little sniffing around.

There weren’t any huge pieces of cake sitting around but lots of frosting left over on the plates.

It was pretty good. Okay, maybe I’m not supposed to be eating frosting but my birthday was just a few weeks ago, so I can still celebrate right?

Birthday Treats Galore!

So yesterday was my birthday and I turned 3 years old! Amy made me a little doggie cupacke to celebrate! She was quite proud of her little creation, doesn’t it look good?!

She even found a number 3 birthday candle (left over from Ashlie’ birthday last year)! They didn’t sing (I insisted it was unnecessary), but I did try to blow out the candle, well, actually, I tried to lick the cupcake while Amy was trying taking this picture and the candle fell off and put itself out.

I’m being good here, but I really want to eat it!

Here’s a inside look at the cupcake goodness. The layers of the cupcake are slices of rolled meat dog treats from Petco. Then in between the slices are peanut butter….mmm…peanut butter. Then the outside is covered in peanut butter and cheddar cheese. The “M” is cheddar cheese spread and then to top it off, she put pieces of my Evo dog food around it. It was delicious!

Koko and I loved it! It was gone the moment Koko and I got our pieces.

Then as an added treat, we got Frosty Paws, frozen dog treats! Those are the best!

And as if the doggie cupcake and Frosty Paws weren’t enough, my dog walker, Kelly got me some cheesy treats from a festival! She left them with the note after our walk yesterday afternoon.

Here I am practicing my “leave it” trick as best as I can with the treats…it’s so hard!

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today’s my birthday! I’m 3 years old today! Happy Birthday to me!

You know, I should’ve tried to go with Amy to her big family gathering this past Saturday. It was a celebration in honor of her grandmother’s birthday. As it turns out, it was also her cousin Christina’s birthday as well and since the whole family was gathered, they all gave her red envelopes full of money. And since her family is huge, she got almost $200! Do you know how many frisbees that could buy? I had to stay home though, oh well. Maybe there will be some other kind of treat for me today. I’ll let everyone know!