Monthly Archives: September 2007

Hungry Hungry Hippo

Today we went for a walk and found this very dangerous and hungry hippo sitting very innocently in the middle of this playground. He saw me, a delicious border collie, and ate me right up!

Actually, the hippo wasn’t so scary. It was actually a nice place to rest. Before I got to the hippo I was being chased by a pug puppy. He kept on following me even though Amy told his kids that I don’t get along too well with other dogs. He eventually got bored of me though, you know puppies, they’ve got the attention span of a….uh…where is my squeaky tennis ball? Oh, did I mention that Amy got me some new squeaky tennis balls? Wait, what was I writing about again?

Panda Polo

I want to play Panda Polo…do you?


This is Sebastian. He’s a black lab. I’m supposed to add him to my friends page but, it’s been a long time since I put pictures on that page so I don’t remember how to do it, so here he is. So I’ve never actually met Sebastian but I’ve been told that we would be friends if we ever did meet.


Today I went to a brand new place, Occoquan Park! We started out down by the water. I saw this sign that said you’re not suposed to feed the geese. Geese? What geese? There are geese around here?

I wanted to get closer to the water and see if I could find any for myself. I didn’t see any :(

There were none around at the time so we took a stroll along the boardwalk. You should’ve seen the huge houses on the other side of the river.

See that house behind me and that yacht? It’s huge! I think it might be bigger than my whole house.

Then we decided to hit the Occoquan Water Trail.

Along the way, we saw this sign for a “Scenic View”. The arrow pointed that way, so that’s where we went.

It was a really great wooded trail amongst very tall trees.

I love exploring new places and being in the outdoors! It makes me smile :)

Oh and after we walked the entire trail, we walked over the softball/baseball fields and guess what I saw there? Geese! Yup, I ran after them and chased them all away, I felt pretty good afterwards.

Kaitlyn Turns 8!

Today was Kaitlyn’s big birthday bash! We were celebrating her 8th birthday!

I had a great time! Why do you ask?

Because there were kids all around and they love playing with me! They love throwing me frisbees.

And they love seeing me do my tricks. Here is Kaitlyn demonstrating how to properly feed me my treats.

Overall, it was a great day, except that it was really hot. In addition to drinking lots of water, I made sure to come inside and spend some time getting cool in front of the fan.