Monthly Archives: October 2007

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! I hope that everyone has a fun evening! It’s going good so far over here. Amy’s got me confined to the living room but I can still see when people come to the door. When the first few trick-or-treaters came, I barked, but now when I’m good and don’t bark, she’ll blow me some bubbles, so I’m staying as quiet as a mouse.

Like my shirt?! It’s a Puffaluff, he’s suspiciously eyeing a ghost. Oooooh….I’m kind of ghost-like in this picture. Scary huh?

Accotink Caribou with Wings

Today was a perfect fall day so Amy took me and her nieces to Lake Accotink for a little walk. Oh, and I got to sport my doggie backpack again. One of the buckles had broken but Amy’s mom was able to fix it using the buckle from my old collar.

We didn’t start at the marina so we didn’t quite make it to the actual lake but we did get to a little pond where I was able to sit and appreciate the fall colors…or to think about where all the squirrels were hiding.

After the walk, we went to Caribou Coffee for hot apple cider and hot cocoa. They had tables set up outside so I even got to join them while they enjoyed their drinks. And since I was behaving very well, I got yummy hot dog treats. My All About Dog trainers would be so proud!

I tried to take a sip of the apple cider…how does this thing work?!

So Halloween is in a few days and of course Amy had to put me in some sort of ridiculous costume. This time it was wings…I’m a flying Mango. Needless to say, I hate it.


Yesterday was a pretty good day. Amy took her nieces, Koko and I to the train station parking lot near her parents house and let us run around. Well, Koko and I ran around while Amy, Kaitlyn and Ashlie rode their bikes. It was great being able to run as fast as I can. The only downside to our time at the train station is that I really hurt the pad on my front right paw. See, the asphalt parking lot surface isn’t the best for puppy paws. Since then I’ve been limping around. Well, Amy decided to remedy this situation by doing a horrible thing.

Yes, those are dog booties, more specifically, they’re muttluks. And yes, they are on my paws. Dogs aren’t supposed to wear booties! Are they? I don’t think so!

Well, Amy bought me these muttluks to protect my pads so they won’t crack anymore and as you can see I am NOT happy about it.

I mean, how do you even lay down with them on? Look at me, this is NOT comfortable.

After limping pathetically around the house with them on, Amy finally took them off and we compromised. She covered my hurt pad with some medical pads and tape. It still feels weird, but it does make walking a little easier. She didn’t say anything definite about returning those muttluks though, she seems to think they’d be good to keep around for the next time we head to the train station.