November Greetings

Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone. Sorry it’s taken so long for me to blog this month. I hope that everyone had a good Thanksgiving. Mine was pretty good. I was able to sneak in a lick or two of the turkey when no one was looking and even though I was crated during dinner, I did get some turkey after everyone was done eating…I didn’t even steal it! I was also very well behaved when I was finally let loose after dinner. I ran around the living room and one of Amy’s cousins played frisbee with me.

So other than Thanksgiving I’ve been keeping busy with my dog sports. I have been practicing flyball everyday in the living room, I’ve gotten over my fear of the flyball box and the sound it makes. Now I can hit the box with all four paws and catch the ball. I now have a YouTube account. You can check me out on the flyball box by clicking here.

Amy tells me we’re going to my first flyball tournament this weekend. I’m not competing, we’re just going so I can get a feel of what tournaments are like. There are a lot of dogs and it gets pretty loud apparently. I’ll let you all know how it turns out.

Oh and I also started agility last night. We went through the barrel, tunnel and the tire. There were six other dogs in the class but I did pretty well considering it was a brand new environment and brand new dogs. When I went through each piece of equipment though, I kept on turning around to find the trainer because she had hot dogs! Okay, so Amy had hot dogs too but the trainer’s were better somehow. Don’t know why, but they were.

I am also still going to my classes at All About Dogs. We had a field trip a few weeks ago at a Five Guys restaurant. I was the only dog who showed up but that was okay with me. I liked the people to dog ratio, three people for one dog. That means I got all of the treats! I did pretty well although at one point I barked at a kid who was running right towards me, that was a bit scary.