Monthly Archives: December 2007

Racing Foster

So I mentioned last week how at flyball practice I raced against Riot and Foster. Well, at tonight’s practice, I raced against Foster again. It didn’t start out so great because Foster got a bit too close while she was walking to her lane and I sort of lunged and barked at her, but I was able to refocus and do a bunch of runs. Racing against Foster made me want to run better and Foster is fast! She’s 10 years old and has had surgery on both of her back legs but she runs like a bullet.

Here’s our first race.

Here’s a video of our second race.

Then I did some by myself because Foster had to rest her legs. She’s starting her return to flyball after her latest surgery, but she was able to serve as a huge distraction for me in this next video. She was standing in the next lane barking at me but I managed to ignore her and do my run! Here’s that clip.

You can’t really see it on these videos but my reward for running back to Amy is, of course, bubbles! Most dogs run for food, or a tug, a toy or even a laser light, not me!

Oh, last night was the flyball team party and even though only two dogs were in attendance, Po and Jackie (the party was held at their house), Amy tells me it was a lot of fun. She made FBI tennis ball cupcakes.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone! I had a great holiday weekend. It started with flyball practice on Sunday night when I raced against Riot again AND another dog, Foster. They are brother and sister and they are really fast and I did really well! I didn’t even chase after either one of them. Okay, so I might have thought really hard about chasing after Foster but I didn’t :o) Racing against them made me want to run faster.

Then Monday was Christmas Eve. Amy’s cousins all came over to her parents house like every year.

One set of her cousins brought their Wii and everyone played it non-stop. Here is an intense game of Wii tennis.

In addition to the Wii they also brought all of their presents!

But only one was mine :(

That’s okay though, I had fun opening it. If you want to see a video of me ripping it open, click here.

Teeter Time

So tonight I went to agility class where we did weave poles, which were a little different because there were more poles and there was gating guiding the dogs through the poles. We also were introduced to the teeter totter. That is the scariest piece of agility equipment in my opinion. When I had that agility class a couple of years ago, it scared me, but this time around I didn’t mind it so much. We went really slow and the instructor was practically feeding each of us a whole hot dog! One of the dogs in class, Lexie, actually broke free from her owner after her turn and tried to get back on the teeter to get more hot dogs :o)

I also got another toy because Amy brought our class syllabus. I picked another tug toy but this one is all rope. Look, it’s another holiday one!

Racing Riot

Tonight I had a really good flyball practice. There were two lanes set up and guess what? I ran some full runs with a dog racing in the other lane! Remember Riot? He’s the one that Amy got to run a few weeks ago at the tournament in York, PA. If you want to see more pix of her and Riot go to the Swift Bennett web site, they were the professional photographers at the tournament. There’s one where she looks really confused, it’s pretty funny.

So, anyway, he was running in the second lane. The first time we ran, I didn’t do so well. After clearing the jumps, I ran into his lane and chased him and nipped his bum. His owner caught me, but after that we ran several more times and I stayed in my lane. I eyed him when we both got down to the box but other than that, I did really well! Everyone was so happy, they were all clapping for me :o)

Tomorrow, we’ve got agility class. We’re being introduced to the weave poles but I already know them! After Amy and I took an agility class a couple of years ago she bought a set of weave poles from our instructor. We’ve practiced on our own off and on. Here are two videos from our backyard weave pole practice.

Clip 1

Clip 2

New Tug Toy

Last night I got a new tug toy at agility class! So far I love it!

Class was pretty good. We practiced the tire, chute, tunnel and table. Then we were introduced to the A-frame and the wobble board. I liked the A-frame but I can’t say the same of the wobble board. I am not a big fan of things that move under my paws. I started flyball in January and it took me till now to get used to the feeling of the box triggering. With enough practice, I should get used to the wobble board and maybe, eeek, the teeter one day.