Monthly Archives: January 2008

Good Sports Weekend

Tonight was my last Agility I class and it was great! We reviewed the teeter and then we played some games. Our instructor, Melissa, set up six pieces of agility equipment, the chute, tunnel, a couple of jumps, the weave poles, A-frame, table and tire. Within a minute we had to hit 6 of the 7 obstacles and then if we had time we could try and do more. Well, the first time we went around, I made it through 11 obstacles and won! I got a good rawhide chew. Then we went around again and guess what? I got 11 again and won again! Then we played a game where our owners had to send us over the jump from a distance and even though two other dogs and I were really close, I won just by a few inches. I think all of the dogs and owners had a lot of fun. I’m really looking forward to Agility II which starts in a few weeks.

Oh and yesterday I had an awesome flyball practice! I practiced full races against Riot and did it without any gates the entire time! I’m really starting to get into flyball. I can hardly wait when Amy’s holding me getting me revved up to run down the lane. My debut in single dog races is only a few weeks away, I hope that I can do it!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope that everyone is having a good 2008 so far, I certainly am! For the first flyball practice of the new year, I raced against Riot again and I was able to do it without any gates separating us! Well, there was one gate at the box but that was it! We don’t have practice tonight but hopefully with a few more practices, I’ll be ready for CIA’s single dog racing tournament in February.

So another great thing that has happened, I got a BUBBLE GUN! It shoots out bubbles and it’s the best thing EVER! Amy bought it for flyball so that she doesn’t have run and blow bubbles at the same time. Click here to see a video of me and my new favorite toy.

In other news, our first agility class of the new year went well. We practiced the tunnel, chute, table, A-frame, jumps and the teeter. I think we’re going to learn the dog walk this week. We just signed up for Agility II class too, which is going to start in February. Oh and I got a new toy after class…a “My Pal”. It squeaks, squeaky things are always good.

Today Amy and I went for our usual Sunday morning walk. We passed by the local elementary school softball fields where some geese were hanging out and you know, causing trouble. She let me run onto the field and chase them all away, which was great. The bad thing was that the field was a little muddy and well…

When we got home she promptly threw me into the bathtub and I got a bath…yuck! I probably could’ve done this New Year without a bath, oh well.