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More Videos of my Flyball Debut

Our teammate Terri posted her videos of the CIA Flyball Tournament a few weeks ago. To see them click below!

Video 1

Video 2 (Slow Mo)

Passing for the 1st Time

Of all of the night’s for Amy to forget to bring her camera, she chose the night when, for the first time EVER, I passed another dog in flyball! We had practice last night and I passed Riot! I was released first and then as I was coming back up the lane, Riot was released and went right past me and I wasn’t even fazed! I hardly noticed when there was a jail break and Jackie O and Po made their daring escape from their crate and ran around the building, I just am just so focused at practice. I was so excited and wanted to be released so badly to go get the ball that I was whining and barking and if you know me, you know that I’m not really a big barker.

Now that I’ve started to practice passing, I have to learn to not to be a lane hog. See, when you’re racing with a team, once you’re done with your run, you’re supposed to run off to the right immediately after the last jump, but since I’ve been practicing by myself, I always just run right up the center of the lane. Last night during one of our first runs, I didn’t get out of the middle of the lane and there could’ve been a collision but, Riot is so fast and is so determined to get his tennis ball that when he was released, he just ran right underneath my legs and I didn’t even care! Now that was a moment that needed to be caught on video, but of course, Amy forgot her camera! Hmph. I need to have a talk with her about making sure that along with my bubbles, bubble gun, laser pointer, frisbee, tug, treats, treat bag, crate, water, water bowl, and mat, she needs to always remember to bring her camera to practice. I mean really, is that too much to ask?

Anyway, so this week, we start our Agility II class. We were suppposed to start last week but they canceled, I guess cause they remembered that it was Valentine’s Day and people might not show up. Did you have a good Valentine’s Day? I got a new toy! I’ll try to post a picture of it later, it’s called Bamboo and is supposedly indestructible, we’ll see about that.

My First Flyball Tournament

This past Saturday I competed in my first flyball tournament!

I competed in single dog races and did great! It was a perfect place to make my debut. It was held at the Prince William County Fairgrounds, where we have our practices, so I was already familiar with the building.

What I wasn’t familiar with was the food trailer.

It’s always parked in front of the building but when we have practice, it’s always closed. On Saturday though, it was open! When I first saw it as Amy and I were leaving the building, I started barking furiously at it. When she let me out the door, I ran right up to it and kept on barking. Then I started smelling some very delicious scents coming from it like hot dogs and hamburgers and french fries, that’s when I decided it was okay.

So the single dog racing didn’t start until later in the day, after team racing. Here are some of my teammates who participated in the team racing:

This is JackieO and Po. Even though Po is a few months older, Jackie’s the boss and she makes sure that Po and everyone else knows it :o)

And here are Aggie and Max. Aggie competed in single dog races like me and Max, well, he’s a veteran on the team, I can only hope to be able to run in as many races as he has.

Throughout the day, like we did when we went up to the tournament in York, Amy and I had short training sessions inside the building, playing the “Look at That” game and practicing relaxing in this hectic atmosphere. When we weren’t working, I waited patiently in the car.

Finally, when the team racing was done and the awards were given out, it was my turn! After a long day of watching everyone else race, I was really excited. Amy was a bit nervous, but she didn’t have a reason to be because I was really focused and did really well.

Here’s my box turn. Just think, a few months ago, I was terrified of the sound that the box made when triggered, now it doesn’t bother me at all.

And here I am running back up the lane. I’ve always loved the jumps.

If you want to see me in action, click here.

I raced in two races, both against my teammate Riot, and even though I didn’t beat Riot (he is super duper fast) I had a lot of fun! I was quite happy when I was done :o)


This is the face of one unhappy dog.

Why am I so unhappy you ask?

Because of these!

They’re dog booties…ugh. But wait you ask, don’t you already have a pair of dog booties? Unfortunately the answer is yes >:o( Back in October I got Muttluks because my pads starting getting all ripped up from running next to the bike on asphalt and concrete. The problem with the Muttluks was that they were cloth and ripped the first time I wore them and ran around. These however have rubber soles. So hopefully this summer when Amy and I head back out on the bike, I won’t hurt my pads.

Luckily some other things came with the new dog booties that made that dreaded package okay…a new frisbee and bouncy toy!

That green bouncy toy bounces in all sorts of crazy directions, kind of like me! Well, except when I’m wearing those stupid dog booties.

Mango’s in the House!

I just got back from a great flyball practice! I didn’t get to practice against Riot cause he couldn’t make it to practice, but I did full runs with one of my team mates, Sampson, a very big and noisy golden retriever barking at me. I didn’t even look at him once, I was so concentrated on getting the ball and jumping. Nor did I look at Torque, another dog who was in the building. I had a lot of fun too, I get so excited when I line up to run. It was a perfect practice to have before next week’s big tournament! I’ll be running in single dog races against Riot, I hope that I do well! I think I gained a lot of confidence tonight and will be able to do it. In fact, there was flyball on Animal Planet today and I was watching, trying to study up.

That dog is ready and rearing to go!

Not a bad box turn.

Oh, something else that I did today that was really fun was chase geese! On Sunday mornings, Amy and I walk over to the local elementary school. There are two softball fields there and the geese love to hang out on the fields, eating the grass and pooping all over the place. So, Amy lets me run onto the field and chase them away. I love it! Click here to see the video me as the Goose Chaser.