Monthly Archives: March 2008

First full team practice

Last night, Amy and I had flyball practice and I ran races as a part of a team and I did great! The lineup was me, Riot, Po and Jackie. Riot lines up behind me but Jackie and Po line up in front of me and on the side. When it was my turn to run, I ran right past them and didn’t even care! And on my way back from the box, not only did I have to run past Riot, who’s running towards me, but past Jackie and Po again on the side. AND there were even two dogs running in the next lane, Torque and Lucy. Torque is also a border collie and Lucy is an Australian Shepherd so they’re a lot bigger than Riot, Jackie or Po and I usually have more problems with bigger dogs, but I didn’t even notice them. Amy tried to videotape us but she forgot to turn on the camera. Hopefully we’ll have one more practice before the tournament, but it looks like maybe I’ll be able to do it!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! I’m wearing my green scarf today, do you have green on? I think there are a lot of border collies in Ireland, they have lots of green pastures and sheep on those pastures and where there are sheep, there are bound to be border collies to herd them. Not me though because I don’t know how to herd sheep but I do know how to herd frisbees.

Frisbees like this one! It lights up blue in the dark. Ooooooooooooo

It’s a big plastic frisbee with four little blue lights around the corners. I don’t really normally play with plastic frisbees so I wasn’t that good at catching it. What I am good at is chewing on plastic frisbees, which is what I did. I even managed to pop out one of those little blue lights. That’s when Amy took it away from me :o(

So let’s see, Amy and I went to a private agility lesson last night and it went great! We switched over to private lessons to finish our Agility II class because the regular class became a bit too much for me to handle. The private lesson was perfect because I didn’t have to worry about any other dogs. We did jumping, weave poles, A-frame, tire, table, tunnels, dog walk and teeter and we did them all in a course! Amy is starting to learn how to walk a course, but we did pretty well overall. We have one more private lesson and then we’ll start taking a Reactive Graduates agility class in late April.

This weekend, we have flyball practice! I can’t wait! I haven’t done flyball in weeks, I’m ready to run! Plus, Amy and I are traveling up to Pennsylvania in a few weeks to see if I can run in a tournament with a team. I’ll definitely let everyone know how that goes.

Oh in other news, Lucy, Jenna and Rilee have moved :o( They lived two houses down and we were walked together everyday by our dog walker. Lucy and Jenna were the first dogs that I met when I was brought home as a 7-week year old puppy. Now I’m the lone dog on the block.

Go Caps!

Did you hear about last night’s Capitals game against the Bruins? Alexander Ovechkin scored three goals and had two assists! Good thing that I’m a huge Ovie fan!

I wish dogs could play ice hockey. Oh wait, you have to wear things on your paws to play hockey? Oh, okay, then nevermind, scratch that idea. I think I’ll stick to watching it on TV.

First Practice of March

Last night, we had our first flyball practice of March and once again, I practiced passing Riot and I did great! We practiced in the smaller building this week so we were in even closer quarters and not only was I passing Riot but Aggie was doing runs in the next lane and there were a few random dogs scattered about. I didn’t even notice them! This time Amy actually brought her camera, so check me out!

Look, I get out of Riot’s way and everything.
Clip 1

Here you can see a little better that Aggie’s running in the next lane and I pay no attention to her.
Clip 2

And here’s a close-up of our pass.
Clip 3 – Close up

In other news, we started Agility II a couple of weeks ago and it’s been going really well. Last week we were reintroduced to the A-frame. The first time I jumped off but then I remembered that I’m supposed to run all the way up and back down (that’s how you get the hot dogs at the end). We also did the teeter and I wasn’t even afraid of it! I stayed on the contact and everything!