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Amy and I just got back from flyball practice. It was sort of a mini-practice because there were only four dogs and four owners. It was good though, I’ll always take any opportunity to practice flyball! Unlike today, which was a rainy and icky day (when Amy took me out for a walk in the afternoon, it was raining so hard I could hardly see! I was squinting the entire time), yesterday was beautiful and warm! We went out to the local park and played my favorite thing…frisbee! Here I am getting my game face on.

David got a new spiffy camera and took video of me catching frisbees at like a million frames per second. I don’t really know what that means, but as you’ll be able to see from the video, it means you can see me moving at super slow-mo. Check it out! Click here.

I did it! Viva Las Vegas & El Mango!

I did it! I did it! I DID IT!!!

I am an official Flyball Dog!!! Amy and I just got back from the Viva Las Flyball tournament in Lebanon, PA and look what I got!

On Saturday, I ran three times in a warm-up spot and then I earned my very first title, Flyball Dog, when, after the third warm-up, I ran in four of the five heats! Then, today, I ran in two full races, with five heats each and I earned my second title, Flyball Dog Excellent! I ran in a third race, but after the first two heats, I got very distracted by a dog in the next lane so I graciously bowed out. Actually, it was more like, Amy picked me up off the floor and took me outside the ring, but I didn’t mind. I had run a whole bunch of clean heats!

Oh and as if that wasn’t cool enough, see that medal? I got it because the our team won first place in our division! Yay!!! Oh and on top of all that, look at all of this stuff!

It’s new toys! New frisbees and squeakies and a tug toy!

It was a really great weekend for me and everyone else on our team. All of the dogs ran and did great! I spent my first nights in a hotel, which wasn’t too bad because we got a room with two beds so I had a whole bed all to myself. I might have woken Amy up a few times barking, but, hey, I’m a dog, that’s what I do, I bark.

Oh, I’m sorry we don’t have any photos or video of the actual competition, we had exactly eight humans and all of the humans had jobs to do during all of our races. There should be plenty of video and photos from our next tournament though because I think a lot of people are going to come out and watch the craziness that is flyball.

Agility Private Lesson

Last Sunday, Amy and I had our last private agility lesson. Once again it was a lot of fun. We started out doing a jumping series. It was pretty easy for me, a little harder for Amy. See, in agility she has to do a lot of thinking. In class, I get to practice jumping and running and getting used to the obstacles, while she has to learn rear crosses and front crosses and blind crosses and whole bunch of other things. To see a video of me doing the jump series, click here.

Here are some other photos of me. As you can see, I’m so happy to be doing agility, especially in this private class session, then I don’t have worry at all about other dogs.

This is me practicing my contacts at the end of the A-frame. See that yellow part? Your back paws have to touch that yellow part. You’d think that’d be easy, but it’s even easier to just zoom past it and forget.

Here I’m listening attentively to what our instructor, Melissa, has to say about the next thing we’re going to do…I can’t wait!

The tunnel! That’s one of my favorite things to do, I love racing through it!

Ooooooh, the magical bait bag holds all sorts of good things to eat. This night it was hot dogs. Yum!

And finally, here I am on the teeter. That’s probably the scariest piece of equipment because it moves. Right now, Melissa still has to hold on the teeter and set it down slowly. One day I’m supposed to be the one to make it pivot down.

Tomorrow we have our last flyball practice before the big tournament next weekend! I’m going to practicing with the entire 4 dog team. Wish me luck! Amy seems really excited about the tournament, I hope that I do well!