Flyball Derby Days 2008

It was recently brought to my attention that I haven’t been very diligent in updating my blog and I’m afraid that it’s true. I’m sorry! I’ve just been really busy, but here I am!

Okay, so this past weekend was FBI’s Flyball Derby Days Tournament! It was my 2nd tournament and the first time that I ran in a full time spot and I did great! So, did all of my teammates. We fielded three teams, I ran on Top Secret with Riot, Lucy and Jackie-O and even though we didn’t get any ribbons, we did each earn over 700 points. In fact, we earned so many points that I got my next title, Flyball Dog Champion AND I earned the title after that, Flyball Dog Champion-Silver! Here I am during one of my heats.

A lot of people came and saw me run too! So now when Amy tells them about flyball, they actually know what it is that we do. I think everyone had fun watching all of us dogs and I’m pretty sure that all of us dogs had tons of fun. I think our human FBI team members were a bit tired since they had to set up, run the tournament and clean up afterward, but they did a great job!

Look, we even got coverage in the Washington Post!

Two pages worth! Skipper (bottom left) and Comet (bottom middle) are both my FBI teammates. This was actually Comet’s first Virginia tournament. She just moved here from Colorado and joined our team a few months ago, what a debut!

So you know how I said before that a lot of people came to watch me? Well, one of those people was David and he brought his new spiffy camera and on Saturday during my last race, Amy told him it would be okay to go in the box loading area and take pictures of me. Yeah, well, that didn’t work out so well. Amy seemed to have forgotten that I like to pause at the box before I run back up the lane. Well, I did my typical pause and during my pause guess who I saw with a camera? David! I was so excited that I jumped off the box and right over to the corner where he was taking pictures of me. Then after a few seconds I decided to run back up the lane. The next heat, I ran down the lane and thought David was still there so I ran back to the same corner but he wasn’t there. That time, I decided to just ignore all of the jumps on my way back. After that, Amy grabbed me and the next thing I knew I was outside…hmph! Here’s video of that first visit. You’ll notice the moment when I stare directly into the camera. Click here to view.

Luckily that was my last race of Saturday. On Sunday though I ran every single heat smoothly!

If you’d like to see more photos, click here to see the pix that my teammates took.