Monthly Archives: August 2008

Prince William County Fair Demo!

Amy and I are back from our flyball demo at the Prince William County Fair. Boy, if you’ve never gone to that fair, I have two words for you…don’t go! Ever! It’s crazy! We got to within less than a mile of the fairgrounds at 7:15 and guess what time we finally parked the car? 8:20! It took us an hour! We could’ve walked there faster! Anyway, despite the long wait in the car, we finally parked the car at the Old Dominion Raceway parking lot across the street and walked all the way to the fairgrounds. I did really great during the walk too! There were all sorts of people and cars and I was just so happy to be 1) out of the car and 2) headed to do flyball that I didn’t let any of the distractions bother me.

When we finally got to the Show Barn, where our demo was taking place, I got to run a bunch of heats with Riot, which made me really happy. It was even more distracting in the show barn, but I kept my focus. The people in the stands really seemed to enjoy watching us. When we were done, Amy, Lucy (she didn’t get to perform because there were lots of scary carnival rides that spooked her) and her human, Eileen, and I walked back to the parking lot together. There were times when Lucy and were really close and I didn’t even mind. When we got to the general area where our car was though, Amy couldn’t remember where it was. We wandered around the parking lot for a while trying to find it, but we did!

Sorry that we didn’t take any pictures. We were in such a rush to get out there that Amy forgot to put it in the car.

Dog Diggs

I got a new soft crate this weekend! I actually already have one, I wrote about it back in May of last year. It was always a bit too small though. I am too tall and too long for it but it worked for when we had flyball practice. Amy’s been on the look-out for a new crate for a while and when she saw that one was on sale at Tuesday Morning this weekend, she went first thing and bought me my new Large Dog Diggs crate!

As you can see, it’s a lot bigger and I don’t have to duck my head or anything to fit in it. The bigger size and the fact that there is more mesh makes it a lot cooler inside. Lately at practice, Amy’s had to bring a little fan to cool me in the old crate, this week though, I was fine without the fan.

Speaking of practice, we had practice today at Colonial K9 again. Our next tournament is in September and I’m moving from the start dog position to the anchor spot AND even though Riot will be on my team, I won’t be passing him, instead I’ll be passing Skipper, a JRT. Today, I practiced twice passing Freedom, also a JRT, and I did great! We’re going to another demo this week, this time it’ll be at the Prince William County Fairgrounds. I’ll let everyone know how it goes!