Aussies & Canadians

This is my Joey, he’s a kangaroo and he’s from Australia. Amy’s cousins from Australia brought him.

I am not a kangaroo so I don’t have a pouch to put him in so I am wearing him around my neck.

Here I am with Kathy and Mandy. Mandy’s is one of the Australian cousins.

I really liked Mandy because she loved playing with me. She would throw me frisbees, blow me bubbles and play with the laser light, that’s what she’s doing in this picture.

They also liked training me. This is another one of Amy’s cousins, Mary. Here I am demonstrating a very nice “Place” command.

Mary is not from Australia, a bunch of Amy’s cousins came over to hang out with the cousins from Australia. Here they are all doing a yoga move called “feet up the wall”. Well, they were until I happened.

Amy also had cousins from Canada visiting. This is Ricky, Henry, Ashlie and I.

Ricky and Henry liked playing with me too. Here they are blowing bubbles for me.

I liked having the cousins over. That night, all of Amy’s family came over for a big dinner. Amy kept me upstairs in one of the bedrooms while everyone ate but towards the end of the night we did a little show and I did all of my tricks for everyone. They were very impressed.