My New Little Friend

As many of you may know, Amy and I walk…a lot. We take long walks all over the place. Sometimes we strike out and explore new routes but there are a few favorites that we do at least once a week. Since many of our routes wind through nearby neighborhoods, we usually know which houses have dogs. Well, there is this one house that has a huge yard and little dog that likes to keep guard. A lot of dogs bark at me when I walk by and often times it scares me but this particular dog (Amy thinks it’s a girl) doesn’t really bother me very much. I think she just likes to bark from time to time to use her vocal chords. Here is the dog, barking as usual when we walk by.

After barking a bit, the dog will wander over by the fence, where Amy and I are waiting. Amy thinks she’s an older dog because it usually takes her a little time to get to us. When we come up she’s usually nestled quite comfortably in a bed of leaves. Here she comes.

We’re not sure what type of dog she is, but she’s smaller than me and is always very nice.

And, I, in return, am always very nice too. We usually sniff for a minute at the fence and once I realize that there’s not much else for us to do, I’ll turn around and start playing tug with my leash. We’ve never met before without the fence, but I don’t know, maybe if we ever did, I could play nice. Who knows, it’s possible.