My Favorite Part of Summer

In general, I am a winter dog. I love cold weather and snow. Summer does not suit me, it’s hot and sticky and humid. Most of the summer you can find me here…

…right on top of the air conditioning vent. I’ve been doing that since I was a puppy, it didn’t take me long to figure out the coolest place in the house.

I have, however, found one thing that I absolutely LOVE about the summer…toads!

For some reason, there is a huge toad population in our neighborhood and over the summer, when Amy takes me out at night for my last potty of the day, I can usually find one hanging out on the sidewalk. They’re all different sizes and I love them all.

See, I’m a border collie and basically, I think that if anything moves, I should be chasing it. When I first come upon one, I like to do my best pointer impression and let Amy know that I’ve found one, just in case she doesn’t see it.

Then, I like to engage in staring contests with them, until they hop. “Hop toad! Hop I say!”

When they don’t move, sometimes I act like I don’t see them. “What? There’s a toad there? Really? I hadn’t noticed.”

And when that doesn’t work, which it never seems to do, I get right back to staring.

What I find is that the really little ones move the least, I think maybe cause they’re scared of me. I am kind of big and furry and I get so excited that I start drooling uncontrollably. But the big ones, like the really, really big toads, they’re not scared of me at all and they’ll just hop away.

The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting cooler, but I will miss my toads.