Flyball Practice!

Yesterday Amy and I went to our first flyball practice since August and it was great! It had been way too long since I played flyball and I was ready and rearin’ to go. We had to drive through a steady rainstorm to get to Colonial K9 but we made it and it was definitely worth it. I got to go first and race head to head against Tempe, another border collie on our team. I was so happy, I was barking and running and just having the best time. I didn’t even peek at Tempe while I was running I was so excited to be out on the flyball lane again. The second time I came out, I ran against Freedom, a Jack Russel Terrier and Foster, our team’s veteran Australian Cattle Dog (she’s 11 and still kicks major doggie butt in flyball), was brought out to distract me. Okay, I might have growled at her at one point but I never ran after her, I just focused on the box and getting my ball, so everyone was super proud of me. Even better than that, when I wasn’t running, Amy put me in one of the doggie day care pens where I got to play with this red ball, knocking it around and barking at it.

We have flyball practice 2 more times this month, so I’m excited. I don’t think we’ll be having anymore long breaks again, at least I hope we won’t, I love flyball.