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Christmas 2009

I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas. I had a really great one. This year, Amy’s niece Ashlie got her this book, What Dogs Want For Christmas. After reading it one afternoon, it got me thinking, “What does this dog want for Christmas?”


I tried to give Amy some not so subtle hints. I am a border collie after all.


But as it turns out, a townhouse in the suburbs of Northern Virginia isn’t the best place for a flock of sheep. So, I had to settle for some other things that wanted for Christmas like…a blizzard the weekend before Christmas so that by the time Christmas arrived, Amy’s parents’ backyard would have the perfect amount of snow to play snow frisbee!


Here I am with Ashlie and Kaitlyn, we all LOVE the snow.


Playing snow frisbee makes me very happy.


Not only does snow frisbee combine playing in the snow with playing frisbee but, whenever you get thirsty, you don’t have to stop and go get some water, you can just eat the snow!


Delicious! (As long as you stick with the white snow.)


Even people love playing in frisbee in the snow. Amy’s cousins decided to play ultimate snow frisbee. Here I am scoping out the competition.


Get out of my way Kathy, that frisbee is mine!


So what else was on this dog’s list for Christmas? Maybe it’s behind this wrapping paper.


It’s tooth paste! Okay, so you might think a dog getting tooth paste for Christmas is as exciting as a human getting socks (actually, Amy did request and receive socks for Christmas a few years ago) but I actually love toothpaste and getting my teeth brushed. Yay!


She also got me two doggie cookies from Wylie Wags, an angel, because of course, I’m an angel, and a cupcake.


Finally, what does this dog, really, really want for Christmas? This! That’s right, a laser pointer, more than anything, more than toothpaste, or doggie cookies, or snow, chasing a laser light is my favorite thing in the world.


And okay, maybe she didn’t get it in time for Christmas but the day after Christmas, Amy bought one, two, three…SEVEN laser lights! They were all half off and she stocked up. I tend to go through laser pointers pretty quickly, so this should hopefully last us for the next year at least. Best Christmas EVER!


The Morning After

The snow has finally stopped and the sun is out and the snow is…well, everywhere! After sticking to the plowed roads, we ventured back to the big field in our neighborhood where I do my best impression of the bunny hop.

Blizzard of ’09 Continued

So, as it turns out, frolicking in the snow can be pretty tiring. When we got back home from our morning walk through the woods, I was more than happy to catch some Zzzzzz’s. This is me all wrapped up in a nice warm leopard Snuggie. That’s right, I said Snuggie, and no, it’s not a dog Snuggie (they don’t make my size). It’s Amy’s. After hearing her rant and complain about it when it first came out last year (why does anyone need a blanket sleeves?!), she came home from her company’s holiday party with one. If I was capable of rolling of my eyes, I would’ve, but I have to admit, it’s pretty snuggly, I won’t complain.


Of course, I am a border collie after all and I am not capable of just sitting around all day when there’s snow outside! So, in the evening, we headed back out and boy, I thought there was a lot of snow this morning, it was nothing compared to tonight! The snow is as tall as me!


I mean, look at me, I’m not even laying down in this picture, I’m standing up and the snow comes right up to my head! I’m just a Mango head floating in a sea of snow.


Morning Frolicking in the Snow

Snowy Saturday!

So I woke up this morning and ran to the backyard doors and saw this! It’s way more snow than last night! I was anxious to get outside and play in it!


Well, that was until this. Yes, that is me wearing Muttluks, aka, doggie booties. You know, it’s a good thing that I don’t get along with dogs, because if I had any doggie friends right now, they would be laughing at me. Amy made me wear them so I don’t get compacted snow stuck in between my pads.


After she had breakfast, Amy took us out for a romp in the woods! Whew, that snow is coming down hard, I can barely see! Good thing I don’t wear glasses like Amy, she kept on having to stop to wipe snow off her glasses.


And once we reached the woods, I got to run around off leash, come on Amy, stop taking pictures already!


Since my head is all white, I can go camouflage in the snow. You can barely see me right?