Monthly Archives: March 2010

New Trick!

Here’s my newest trick!

Back in the flyball swing of things

The snow has finally melted (well, most of it) and flyball is back in full swing! We have had flyball practice for three weekends in a row and this weekend, we are having our fourth! It’s quite exciting because all of us dogs, and maybe our humans too, were getting a little stir crazy without our favorite canine sport.

Even MORE exciting has been how I’ve been performing during flyball practice. During our first practice, I raced in a team of three with Simon, a Jack Russel Terrier, and Fable, a Smooth Fox Terrier, against a team of four which included my arch nemesis, Max. I didn’t even look at Max! Then during our second week of practice, we had an incident that could’ve turned really ugly when, as I was coming back from the box, Simon decided to go down the lane and we met halfway and stopped. I could’ve done something bad, but I was so confused that I just looked at Simon and ran right back to Amy. And during week three I raced against Max again and was very good.

This past week, Dave, who owns Po, Jackie and Quark, took photos. It’s been a while, so here are my flyball action shots.

First jump, I’m going to get that ball! That’s Dianne in the background cheering me on.


Dogs can fly!


I’m trucking along.


Catching some air!


I’m coming ball, I’m coming!


Look at that box turn! The box loader is Eileen, she’s also an AAD trainer like Amy.


Gotcha ball! Watch out, here I come Amy!