Monthly Archives: April 2010

Doggie Yoga

So Amy practices yoga and has for almost four years. One of her favorite poses is called feet up the wall, she does it every night before bed. Here are Amy’s niece Kaitlyn and cousin Kathy demonstrating the human version, along with Vancouver 2010 mascots Miga and Quatchi.


Of course it took till recently for Amy to realize that dog’s have always known about the pose (we call it paws up the wall of course) and its benefits. The most well known yoga pose is named after a dog for goodness sake! Have you ever heard of downward dog? Anyway, in addition to downward dog, I make it a habit to do paws up the wall at least a few times a night, it feels so good for my little hush puppies.


And here’s a close up. Lucky rabbit feet? Nope, Mango paws!


Got Bubbles?


Are you thinking, what I’m thinking? Yeah, I definitely do not have enough bubbles.

Mango Cow

Amy’s always asking me if I think I’m a cow. She asks me this because during our walks, I occasionally like to eat grass at the edge of the sidewalk. She’s always saying, “Just because you’re black and white like a cow, it doesn’t mean you are supposed to eat grass like one.” Well, ladies and gentlemen, may I present Mango the Cow….”Mooooooo.”

Mango Cow