Monthly Archives: June 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

Guess what Friday was? Maybe these will give you a hint.

And finally, this year….

I turned 6 years old! As you can see, every year Amy makes me a special birthday cupcake made of Natural Balance (this year it was beef), cheese, Evo dog food, and peanut butter. It looks pretty good don’t you think? Amy, can I eat it now?

As usual, this year’s cupcake was delicious.

AND as my present I got another type of cupcake!

Here it is up close, I’m not really sure why it has that strange face, and I wish it tasted more like a real cupcake, but it squeaks and I can play tug with its arms and legs, so I like it.

Single Dog Racing!

This past weekend, my flyball team, FBI, had our annual Flyball Derby Days tournament. While I didn’t compete in regular races, I did participate in single dog racing, the first time I’ve been in a tournament setting since September 2008.

Regular racing started the next day on Saturday. Amy was really busy helping out and her cousins Mary and Kathy were there to help out too. Mary was the official folder delivery person and Kathy made sure that everyone knew what races were on deck.

Even though I didn’t race during the tournament, I had a great day because I got to play lots of frisbee, Amy would take me out and play during her breaks. After racing ended Amy, Kathy, Mary and I headed to Amy’s parents’ house for a family BBQ in honor of their grandmother’s birthday. AND I got to play even more frisbee! Amy’s second cousins, Alex, Samantha and Anthony, aka Mango’s Frisbee Posse, LOVED throwing me frisbees. They were all fighting to be the one to throw me a frisbee first, it was great! All in all, it was a great day.