Mango Meets the Ocean!

Over the weekend, Amy, her entire family and Tracy and I went to Rehoboth Beach, DE for a mini summer getaway. It was my first trip to the beach. With its boardwalk, dogs aren’t allowed on the beach in Rehoboth during the summer months but we are allowed in nearby Dewey Beach! So each morning, Amy and I would get up super early and head over to Dewey to see the sunrise.

As I mentioned before, I had never been to the beach before. It was my first time seeing the ocean and I’ll be honest, it was a little peculiar.

As I got up closer to the ocean, I realized that the water was moving towards me! The water was trying to swallow me up! I’ve gotta back up!

Do we have to go close to the water Amy? It’s so nice on the sand.

Look how happy I am just trotting along in the beach making pawprints in the sand.

But after a while, I did dare to go closer to the water. First I sniffed and explored the wet sand.

Until I got more comfortable getting my paws wet with sea water.

Okay, so maybe it’s not so scary after all. It actually feels kind of refreshing :)

For a video of how my first beach experience went, watch this YouTube video.

Overall, it was fun going to the beach for the first time, I’m going to miss it and am looking forward to coming back.