Monthly Archives: October 2010

Mango Cupcakes!

So if any of you know me, then you most likely know my owner, Amy. And if you know Amy you know that she LOVES cupcakes. In fact, she loves them so much, look at my newest collar, that’s right that’s mango colored cupcakes on it.

Speaking of mango cupcakes, last Friday she drove out to the Dulles Town Center to visit Sweetz Bakery and when she came home, she showed me this. That’s right, it’s a Mango Passion Fruit cupcake!

How do you get it out of there?

Hmmm…that looks really yummy Amy.

I can’t seem to figure it out, can you open it?

Ah, here it is in all of it’s Mango Passion Fruit gallery, it looks delicious doesn’t it?

Well, Amy didn’t share, she said dogs aren’t supposed to eat human cupcakes. She did say it was wonderful though on of her all time favorites and that’s saying a lot because she eats a lot of cupcakes from a lot of different places.

Leesylvania State Park

This weekend I made my first visit to Leesylvania State Park, which is located along the Potomac River in Prince William County. I’m ready to explore!

It was a beautiful weekend so it was no surprise that there were people enjoying the water.

We only had time to explore a small portion of the park, but the part that we did visit included this little beach. One of the other All About Dogs trainers took her dogs here a few weeks ago, that’s where Amy got the idea that we should go too!

Next to the beach was a super long pier. We walked all the way down to end, where people had set up fishing polls, I wonder if they ever caught anything.

After checking out everything by the water, we set out on one of the trails. Leesylvania is located on a historic site so our trail passed by a lot of important historic areas, like this one!

Here I am taking a break, resting on a rustic log bench.

Overall, I really liked Leesylvania, I was quite happy to be out and about in nature sniffing all new smells and exploring a whole new place.