I’m here!

Hello everyone. I know, I know, I haven’t been very good about updating my blog. The last time I wrote, it was the beginning of spring and now summer is almost over!

As I type (yes I type, quite amazing), Hurricane Irene is making her way up the East Coast and as you can see, I wanted to stay in bed but Amy told me to get up and update my blog since we’re stuck inside.

So let’s see, where to start? Um, well, spring brought the warmer weather and some new toys! Now, I have plenty of regular tennis balls but Amy splurged and got me this, a gigantic Kong Air Dog Squeakair

When she brought it home, I was super happy, I had never had such a huge tennis ball!

So I squeaked and squeaked and squeaked it. I walked around the house with it and I made Amy throw it down the hall for me to fetch. In fact, I loved it so much…

…I broke it :(

That was back in April, she ended up buying me one replacement but when I broke that too, she refused to get me another. BUT I did get another amazing toy. So in May I returned to flyball racing in my team’s tournament over Memorial Day weekend. I did pretty well and had a lot of fun. Amy’s cousins Kathy and Mary and her niece Kaitlyn all came to help out. On the second day of racing Amy’s sisters came to watch me race. Everyone bought raffle tickets and Kathy and Amy’s sister Vicki won baskets! Vicki’s basket included what has become one of my favorite toys, a rubber squeaky chicken!

Of course, while I do love my rubber chicken (this past week I finally managed to break the squeaker), it will never replace my beloved frisbees. In the past few months I have taken to grabbing them as soon as I know that Amy is awake and bringing them into her bedroom. I let her know, not to subtlety, that I would like to play right now.

What else, what else? Oh! There is some big news to report. First, Amy’s sister Terrie, her niece Ariya and brother-in-law Long all moved to Laos, their next State Department post. We had a big going away/Ariya’s 2nd birthday party for them at the end of July. It was a circus theme, here they are as silly circus performers.

Amy was pretty sad to see them go but hopefully time will fly by quickly and before we know it, they’ll be back! Oh and did I mention when they’d be back next? For Amy and David’s wedding. Wedding? What? Oh yeah, the next big piece of news is that in May, Amy and David got engaged! This picture was taken on the day they got engaged down at UVA where Amy went to college and where David proposed. They are planning a wedding for late 2012.

So with this engagement brings my last piece of big news in the form of David’s dog Razzmatazz. Amy and David were apart for a few years and during that time, he adopted Razz, who is also a border collie. Last summer, us dogs were introduced to one another. When we first met, we were usually separated, either by leashes or just put in separate rooms, but gradually we were exposed to one another more often. And now, look at us! Here we are sitting next to each other in the kitchen

It took a while but we now get along. I don’t usually play with her but I do tolerate her pretty well. For a dog who isn’t very fond of other dogs, I think this is quite a feat. For the 4th of July holiday, Amy, David, Razz and I all went to Amy’s Uncle John’s cabin and had a great time! Here we are with Amy at the little bridge crossing the stream.

And we got to go swimming too! She was a little cautious but she did get in the water eventually.

And for a little while, we were swimming buddies.

Other than that, we usually see each other on the weekends when we go on long walks with Amy and David or go to the park to play frisbee. Sometimes after those walks and play sessions, we’re both pooped.

And when we’re done napping, we just hop right up and demand to play frisbee.

Amy also started bringing Razz with us to her parents house. It didn’t take her long to learn that the backyard is one of the most wonderful places in the world. Here we are practicing a lot of self control by staying while Amy opens the door to the backyard.

It also didn’t take her long to learn that if Amy’s mom is in the kitchen, we should be too. Amy’s mom makes the best food and sometimes will sneak us some.

So yeah, things are going so far with Razz. We’ve got different personalities so it works well. She’s like my little sister, she can be annoying sometimes but I like her. Sometimes I’ll even let her touch my paw.