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New Tags and Other Stuff

Look, I’m blogging again, only after a few weeks, not months! So, it’s been a few weeks since Amy got her new car, which I have dubbed, Mango’s Mini :) The original plan was that we would use a plastic crate that Amy had bought years ago off of Craigslist and has been kept at her parents’ house. As it turns out, that crate was too big so Amy and David had to buy a slightly smaller one that would actually fit in my Mini. While this crate fits perfectly in the car, it’s a bit smaller than I’m used to and is just one way to demonstrate how different Razz and I can be. Here I am in my new crate, I barely fit right?

And even though she’s probably slightly bigger than I am, here is Razz in the exact same crate!

See, she likes to squeeze herself into tight little spots, whereas I need my space and need to spread out. Sometimes, though we are more alike than we’d like to admit, like sometimes we like to sit in exact opposites.

And here we are again.

While we are both different in many ways, Amy likes to get us matching things. Like, here are our new tags. Anyone who knows Amy, knows that she LOVES cupcakes and she is super excited about these tags.

Here I am with mine.

And Razz with hers.

Speaking of cupcakes, Amy made some blueberry cupcakes today. She made some mini ones and Razz and I got to sample some. Um, can I have it now? And yes, that is a cupcake apron she’s wearing, see, I told you!

Oh, while we’re on the subject of food and treats. I forgot to mention in my last post that at the flyball tournament in York in June, Amy won a raffle prize! It’s a Manners Minder!

It’s a remote controlled treat dispenser, Amy first heard about it at a dog trainers seminar featuring Dr. Sophia Yin, a really well known trainer and vet. Here’s Razz, doing her best to pose like the border collie on the box.

Amy and David put our kibble in it and when we perform a behavior that they’re looking for (in Razz’s case it was targeting their hands, in my case, being quiet and calm in a down with my head on the floor), they hit a button on the remote and the Manners Minder drops some food and we eat it!

Here I am practicing my behavior, which is hard because I get so excited about getting treats!

Okay, it’s been a long post, I for one am pooped AND hot! It’s so hot outside these days, I’ll just chill out on top of the AC vent. Till next time!

Flyball and Finally, a Dog Car!

Wow, can you all believe it’s July already and how hot it is?! Amy’s sister, nieces and parents all just left, they have no electricity at their houses so they were over here.

Anyway, so last weekend Amy and I went to York, PA for Fur Fun’s Annual Coconut Classic Flyball Tournament. The last time we went was in 2008, so it’s been a while. It’s one of the region’s most popular tournaments so lots of teams go, our racing day on Saturday started at 7AM and didn’t end until after 8PM! Whew! I get tired just thinking about it. But I’m happy to report that our team did awesome! I shared a spot with Tardis but since he was a back-up on another team, I was able to run all of our heats on Saturday. My team actually won first place! We didn’t get any ribbons though, they decided not give any out this year. We got these cups instead.

As you can see, I would’ve preferred a ribbon, but oh well, it was a great tournament anyway.

You can see pictures of my team, Most Wanted by clicking on this link to Game Time Photography‘s web site, they always take pics of the tournaments in York.

There was also this really cool thing where someone was capturing our passes with an overhead camera. Here are the images from my team, cool huh?

To get up to York Amy and I took David’s car to York because it’s bigger and fits a crate easily and because Amy’s car is getting old and she doesn’t quite trust it on long rides anymore. Well, this weekend we finally said goodbye to her Honda Civic Coupe and said hello to her Mini Cooper Countryman S!

We put a lot of miles on that Civic going to various classes, tournaments, on vacations and back and forth to her parents house. I will miss it but I am happy that I’ve finally got an honest to goodness dog car!

I even have a new crate, here I am testing it out in the back of the Mini.

I look forward to many new rides in the our new ride :)