Monthly Archives: December 2012


Amy and I just got back from a pretty good flyball practice. This is my reward :-)



Never misses an opportunity

Razz never misses a chance to sleep on something soft. Amy took the sheets off the bed to wash them and look who plopped right down on them. Notice who is not sleeping on them, me!


Best Christmas Gift!

Most of the gifts that I got for Christmas this year were treats except for this box. It was the best gift I got this year!


Flippy Floppers! We are running low on them, only one new one in reserve. Amy’s sister Vicki bought me four new ones, she had to order them online. I love them!


Snowy Saturday Morning Walk

This is my first blog post using the mobile app and I’m excited that I’m using it to report that it’s snowing outside! All during our walk this morning we got to feel the soft flakes of snow on our noses.


Although I don’t think it was really sticking anywhere but our fur.


Happy Holidays!

So we’ve come to the end of the another year. I know I wasn’t the best at blogging this year, I see I only posted four months but I’ll try to be better in 2013! David is going to enable mobile blogging so hopefully that will mean lots more posts. In the meantime, I hope that everyone had a Merry Christmas and has a wonderful New Year’s!