Monthly Archives: January 2013

Scary Bird

During our walk this morning we encountered a vulture! It was feasting on some road kill. It wasn’t scared of me and Razz at all so instead of finding out what he would do if we tried walking past him, Amy made us cross the street.


First Real Snow of Winter!

Our morning walk in the snow! It’s only an inch or so but still, it’s here! I only wish Amy and David didn’t have to go to work so they could play with us outside.


Bed Picture of the Day


I Relapsed

I haven’t done this in a few years. I’m not sure what possessed me. Maybe it was his cute little face, maybe it was the squeakers in each of his paws. All I know is that when David was done making his dinner last night, he returned to the family room and found this:


Maybe it was just a night of mischief. When David first got home, Razz had done this:


Those are the popsicle sticks for David’s instant popsicle maker, they are kept in a plastic container in the kitchen. She’s dragged them off the shelf before, last night she actually managed to get the container open. And that is Razz’s Doggie Glow collar. Amy forgot to take them off of us after our walk before she rushed off to dog school.

Serious Case of the Zoomies

This happened after Amy left for yoga on Monday night. Sometimes a dog just has to zoomie.