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Fancy Double Crate

So David bought a new car a few weeks ago. Amy’s only condition was that it fit two dog crates in the back. After failed attempts with three other crates, he found this one.


As you can see, it is clearly too small for me. I don’t care that Razz thinks there’s plenty of room, I don’t fit and I’m not happy about it.

Back Home

Amy and I have returned home from the Coconut Classic. Here is a video that our teammate Terri took of my team, Most Wanted, I’m the start dog.

Most Wanted – June 2013 Coconut Classic Video 1

The tournament also made the local news in York!

Fox 45 Coverage of the 10th Annual Coconut Classic

Coconut Classic 2013

Amy and I are back in York, PA for our 3rd flyball tournament of the year, the Coconut Classic. There were a lot of races yesterday, my team had 6! And 3 of them were 5 of 5’s, which is a lot of heats. I raced the first 5 races, no records set but I had fun. 3 races are on the schedule today.


Cooling Coat

This is me in my new Hurrta Cooling Coat. Amy got it for me because it’s getting hotter these days and I don’t deal with the heat as well as I used to when I was younger. She got the lilac because for some explicable reason the blue one was $10 more. Hopefully it’ll help this weekend at the Coconut Classic flyball tournament in York, PA. The weather forecast calls for a hot weekend.


Last year in the single digits

Guess turned 9 years old yesterday?! (click pic below)

2013-06-02 18.24.09

That’s right, me!

As per tradition, Amy made me a Natural Balance cupcake. This year’s cupcake featured Turkey Natural Balance with peanut butter and shredded cheddar cheese filling, frosted with cream cheese and covered with more shredded cheddar cheese. She then used our dog food to make the number “9”.

2013-06-04 20.17.42

Here’s an inside view of the deliciousness.

2013-06-04 20.50.05

In addition to my NB cupcake, she baked nine apple and cheddar pupcakes!


Also as usual, she made me pose with all of my birthday treats, this is the worst part of my birthday, having to wait to eat my yummy cakes.

2013-06-04 20.30.26

But as some point, as she was taking pictures, I decided, “Heck, I’m 9 years old today, I don’t have to wait!” So I went for it and ate a pupcake…and then I ate a 2nd…and then I had a 3rd…and then Amy took the platter away.


Razz got a pupcake too but she also had to endure the torture of getting her picture taken before enjoying our treat.

2013-06-04 20.34.08

Overall, it was a very good birthday, I was happy at the end of the day!