Once again I apologize for my lacking of blogging as of late. Let’s see, let’s get everyone caught up. I finished my agility classes and Amy got me my own set of weave poles and just made me an agility jump. When we go over to her parents’ house we set them up in the backyard and practice. I’m getting a lot better at the weave poles. David went to our last agility class with us and took video of me doing some of the obstacles but he’s been super busy so he hasn’t gotten a chance to put the video up. Maybe we can get some pictures of me doing the weave poles or going over the jumps.

The weather is getting colder outside so at night I’m not longer content sleeping on the laminate floor in the bedroom, nope, I like to sleep on the bed now with Amy and David. I especially like sleeping at the foot of David’s side of the bed. David’s been getting mad at me because I haven’t been waking him up in the morning. Usually what happens is that Amy leaves for work and puts me back in the bedroom with David. What used to happen was that I would start getting restless and start bothering David, wanting him to get up to play with me. You know, I’d shove my head underneath his hand and stick my wet nose in his face, the usual. Well, lately, it’s just felt so nice and warm on the bed and with Amy gone, I can stretch out fully on her side, I just don’t want to wake up. Yeah, sure, I hear David’s alarm going off, but heck, I figure, what’s a few more minutes? Then he usually glances over the clock, realizes he’s late and rushes into the bathroom.

Hmmm…what else? Amy has started auditing a class with a training facility in Leesburg for “reactive dogs”, which I guess is what I am. I don’t go with her though because the class was already filled but they said she could go and watch the other dogs and learn the training methods. She went last night and said that this place is just crawling with border collies. One of our agility instructors recommended it because she’s got a border collie too and knows that this Leesburg facility works a lot with the breed. Hopefully with this class, we can find another way to make me not so dog aggressive and maybe one day I can be that top notch agility competitor I know I can be.

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